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Émile Mollins is a patrol officer of the Revachol Citizens Militia and a member of Precinct 41 within the Jamrock Quarter.

Background[ | ]

Mollins is exclusively mentioned through passive Esprit de Corps checks along with several other officers from the same precinct. His partner is Junior Officer Chad Tillbrook.[1]

Mollins refers to Harry Du Bois as "Tequila Sunset," suggesting that the nickname was formed before the events in Martinaise.[1] At the same time Harry asks Klaasje about her occupation, Mollins is shown a dead dog under a radiator by a man insisting it was alive because it felt warm.[2]

During a conversation with Cuno, an Esprit de Corps segment tells of Mollins being shot, point-blank, in Porta Rosa, a side alley of Boogie Street by a young man in his early twenties under the guise of asking for a cigarette. The bullet strikes his body armour protecting his chest.[3]

During the final debriefing scene, if the body of the Working Class Husband was processed, Judit Minot mentions that Mollins and Tillbrook coordinate funeral arrangements and family matters.[4]

References[ | ]

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    ESPRIT DE CORPS – "Yes, he lost his mind," Tillbrook answers, finger on the trigger. "Don't worry, Émile..." He pulls on it slowly. Slowly now... "He'll find it again."

    ESPRIT DE CORPS – "We always do."

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    ESPRIT DE CORPS – "He's warm," Mollins replies, "because he's under the radiator."

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    ESPRIT DE CORPS – The man shoots him point blank in his chest. Breathless, the patrol officer collapses in the gutter. His right hand is grabbing the armour on his chest. The bullet didn't pierce it, but he can't breathe. On the pavement, the patter of the perpetrator's feet growing distant.

    ESPRIT DE CORPS – "Bleed, pig!" someone opens a window and says, but Émile can't see who. His sight grows dim with pain...

  4. YOU – "How did you know I found him?"

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