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ACELE – You don't get to choose your posse, they choose you. Mine are idiots, but they're mine.

Acele Berger is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Acele is one of the anodic dance ravers, along with Egg Head, Noid, and her boyfriend Andre[2]. She is initially reserved and refuses to talk about herself or her friends to the RCM.[3] Helping the speedfreaks move into the Dolorian Church of Humanity in Martinaise will soften her up and convince her to talk to you. When first encountered, Acele is on stimulants.[4]

Her father was Zemlyaki and an influential member of Revachol's criminal underground. Evrart mentions that he once killed a man with a kebab, leading to the nickname "Mico the Kebab.[5] For a time, her father's wealth enabled her family to live in a mansion in Jamrock, before his competition killed him and forced Acele and her mother to flee and change their names.[6] Acele had a bad relationship with her father, and fears becoming like him.[7] However, Acele still has some fondness for her past; she still whistles Zemlyaki tunes[8] and self-identifies as a "silver bird,"[9] a reference to the phrase O pasăre de argint, a Zemlyaki organized crime term for someone who doesn't break under questioning.[10] Acele is a good liar, and proud of this.[11]

She may also consider herself to be from Faubourg[12] like Noid and Andre, though this could potentially be just another convenient lie to hide her identity.

At sixteen, Acele dated a boy who limped when he was sober.[13] She likes the stained glass window depicting Dolores Dei in the church.[14] She is the first to encounter Tiago while alone, believing him to be some sort of crab-man.

Interactions[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. PERCEPTION (SIGHT) – Her hair is dyed blonde, with dark roots showing. There's a coarseness to her features, some masculinity below that timidness.

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    YOU – "Is Andre your boyfriend?"

    ACELE – "Yes." She nods.

    EMPATHY – A quick response. She's very sure of it. He's someone she feels she can trust and even control, if need be.

  3. ACELE – "Sorry. I just don't tell people about my friends and who they are and so on. I don't provide information on them."

    RHETORIC – To the cops.

  4. ELECTROCHEMISTRY – She is on some kind of stimulant -- amphetamine or mephedrone -- and its effects are wearing off fast. She will begin to experience more and more valleys now. And fewer peaks.

  5. EVRART CLAIRE – "'Found god knows where'?" The big man exhales loudly. "That *Acele* is the daughter of Mico the Kebab -- a man who once killed a guy with a kebab. I think a daughter of a man who killed a man with a kebab can handle running a little nightclub, don't you?"

  6. ACELE – "All right," she concedes. "My father was a Zemylaki. He died years ago. He was a bad man. Not a lot of good things to say about him and what he did."

    ACELE – "He bought the family a huge house, so we got to live... at least temporarily... in a giant *castle* in Jamrock. And then he died."

    YOU – "What happened next?"

    ACELE – "What do you think? The competition came and took everything away. It was like in a war zone..." She's gritting her teeth.

    ACELE – "So after his death we had nothing left. And we were in danger. My mother had to change her name, mine too. We left it all behind."

  7. ACELE – "I was kinda hoping you'd end this mess, though. It feels like I've been turning dad-wise, into a corrupt business-person. I don't like it."

  8. ACELE – She's whistling a melody, her trusty contact mic attached to a wooden pulpit. At the sound of your footsteps, she stops what she was doing and turns to you.

    REACTION SPEED – That melody is oddly familiar... Why does it feel like some gang-related thing?

  9. ACELE – "Me? I'm a silver bird. It means I don't answer questions about myself."

  10. REACTION SPEED – It's what the "Zemlyaki" -- the Graadian community in Revachol -- call a person who never breaks under interrogation. It's an organized crime term.

  11. YOU – "You know what? I think you've really learned something from all those times you've been questioned. Some of your lies have been pretty good."

    ACELE – "Um... thank you?"

    EMPATHY – The girl is truly proud of herself.

  12. ACELE – "He's a Faubourger I guess, like the rest of us. Okay, maybe not Egg, I don't know about him, but Noid and the rest are from Faubourg, making the pilgrimage up north to visit The Paliseum."

  13. ACELE – "When I was sixteen I used to date this guy who had a limp. But it only showed when he was sober, so I guess it wasn't real or something. I don't know." She shrugs, eyes glazed over...

  14. NOID – "Yeah, glowing lungs *are* fucked up." A voice from the back of the church. "We should board that window up. Bad sines, you know?"

    ACELE – "How about we *don't* do that, Noid?" Another voice. "She looks cool."