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Acele is a character in Disco Elysium. She can be found on the ice, west of the church and outside the tent on Day 3+.


Acele belongs to a group of passionate party-goers, consisting of herself, Andre, Egg Head and Noid. While initially quiet and reluctant of discussing herself, a skilled detective may discover that her father was an influential figure in Revachol's criminal underground until his death.


Acele is involved in the task chain Help ravers start a nightclub. In addition, speaking with her and trying to offer her the detective's hat provokes a red Authority check, which leads to a breakdown and mandatory talk with Kim should the red check be failed. The Litany of Contact Mike thought is also unlocked through talking with Acele, after passing Encyclopedia and Physical Instrument passive checks.

Behind the scenes[]

Acele is voiced by Amy Lightowler in both The Final Cut and the original version of the game.