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Art cop

Actual Art Degree is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

Yeah, it's another copotype -- the worst one. The most savage and brutal. The Art Cop. Nothing is good enough for him. Everything is *shit*. You have to employ an armada of adjectives to depict and demean the mediocrity of the works and visual institutions around you. Really *flex* that critical muscle. Until the vocabulary for PUNISHING mediocrity becomes second nature. Here we go...

Solution[ | ]

Trite, contrived, mediocre, milquetoast, amateurish, infantile, cliche-and-gonorrhea-ridden paean to conformism, eye-fucked me, affront to humanity, war crime, should *literally* be tried for war crimes, resolutely shit, lacking in imagination, uninformed reimagining of, limp-wristed, premature, ill-informed attempt at, talentless fuckfest, recidivistic shitpeddler, pedantic, listless, savagely boring, just one repulsive laugh after another.

Effects[ | ]

Requires 1h 30m research time

Location[ | ]

  • After enough art-related dialogue is chosen, Conceptualization will contact Harry via thought orb: "Why does art inspire you so much?"
    • 4 Conceptualization (including any bonuses from clothing, other thoughts, etc.) is required for the thought orb to trigger.
    • A list of dialogue choices increasing progress towards unlocking the thought can be found here.
  • Talk to Joyce Messier about the lynching, dig until you reach the Suggestion check, and accept The Jam Mystery.
  • When first talking to Tommy with 5 or more Drama, say "I dig your style man."
    • Ask him about the drug trade while the investigation task is active, and keep digging until you reach the Conceptualization check, which will count as an Art Cop line upon passing (4 Conceptualization is enough).
    • Follow up with "I think the words are mine, yes" for +1 art cop line and "It makes it all easier to bare. If the words are pretty".
  • Talk to Cindy the SKULL, and ask her about the wall.
  • When talking to Annette about Dick Mullen, have 4 or more Conceptualization to say "Nobody looks like the guy in the picture."
  • At the Horseback Monument after passing an Encyclopedia check related to blowing up the statue, listen to all the information and say "That's brilliant! So funny and nihilistic!"
  • Buy The Man From Hjelmdall and criticize it until your subconscious asks you "What are you? A book critic?" and answer "I might be."

Trivia[ | ]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for the main story follow. (Skip)

Internalizing this thought and interacting with the Horseback Monument opens up a dialogue path with The Deserter in which Harry may reconceptualize the monument as an avant-garde monument to the previous version of the statue getting blown up. Depending on the dialogue choices, Harry has a chance of convincing the Deserter that this is true, and that Harry is closer to a true Communist than he initially thought.