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Add even more beauty to the wall is a task in Disco Elysium.

Context[ | ]

You have seen an exceptionally beautiful wall in Martinaise, near the pier, and have decided to add to its beauty, artistically. This will take a brush first? Who would have one? Then paint, and then the act itself.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • This task is started by interacting with the blank huge wall near the Capeside apartments, on the way to the other part of the courtyard. You need to pass an Impossible 18 Conceptualization check (easier in the evening, (+2 bonus), and after talking to Cindy about her art (+1 bonus). Additionally, wearing the Leather Jacket Fuck the World will provide a +1 bonus.) Passing it will make you aware of its immaculate beauty - and you can resolve to add EVEN MORE BEAUTY to it. So:
  • Find government-marked heavy fuel oil close to your crashed car just over the canal
  • Convince Cindy the Skull to give you her brush. Cindy's Brush is essential.
    • You can do this by failing a Conceptualization check and then telling her it's for a self-portrait. After she laughs at you, tell her you didn't want to paint a self portrait. She'll give you the brush.
    • If you PASS the check, your idea will be so good she will initially refuse to give you the brush instead because she doesn't want such competition on her neighborhood, forcing you to (if you aren't already) go up to her level on the balcony and try a more direct, possibly dad-like approach.
  • Then use fuel oil and the brush to paint the wall.