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Aerostatics are hybrid semi-rigid airships, necessary as conventional rotors or jet engines no longer add velocity after the point of reference for motion is suspended once they crossed from near pale to far pale. Aerostatics are more than just conveyance, they are also powerful weapon platforms, typically organized into aerostatic brigades. Aerostatics can carry weapons, ordnance, and troops for rapid deployment and assaults. During the Antecentennial Revolution, some aerostatics deployed against Revachol were so heavily armed that they had to be anchored to the ocean floor in order to retain any stability. By '51, these aerostatics are out of service mostly, replaced by far nimbler, more advanced vehicles hovering against Revachol and watching it with their floodlights and armies of bombardiers, ready to turn the occupied city into a target-rich environment once again.[1][2]

Aerograffito is a distinct subtype of graffiti meant to be read by aerostatic crews.

Unique aerostatics[edit | edit source]

  • Harnankur aerostatic - First interisolary commercial liner. Vanished into the pale between Graad and Katla last century.[3]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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  3. Disco Elysium Twitter: "The image used above is a promotional painting for the book created by @rostovjanka. The “Harnankur” aerostatic is the first first interisolary commercial liner. It vanished into the pale between the Graad and Katla isolas last century."