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Aerostatics are hybrid semi-rigid airships commonly used to traverse the Pale. Although motorized propeller and jet engine technologies exist, the use of lighter-than-air aircraft is required for interisolary travel since other means of air propulsion no longer add velocity after the point of reference for motion is suspended when aircraft cross the threshold from near-Pale to far-Pale. Aerostatics are more than just conveyance for people and cargo, they are also used as powerful weapon platforms. Aerostatics can carry weapons, ordnance, and troops for rapid deployment and assaults.

During the Antecentennial Revolution, some Coalition aerostatics deployed against Revachol were so heavily armed that they had to be anchored to the ocean floor in order to counter the immense recoil produced by firing their weapons. By '51, those Coalition aerostatics remained moored in occupied Revachol's skies, but were mostly out of service. They were replaced by far nimbler, more advanced vehicles that hovered and watched Revachol with floodlights and armies of bombardiers, ready to turn the city into a target-rich environment once again should it ever attempt to resist Coalition rule.[1][2]

Aerograffito is a distinct subtype of graffiti meant to be read by aerostatic crews.

Crews[ | ]

Individuals who serve on aerostatics are referred to as "airmen".

The air brigades of the Commune of Revachol consisted of aerostatic pilots and crew members. Pilots wore distinctive orange jackets, which they used to store logbooks and tool kits, while crew wore black versions of the jackets. Most of the Commune's air brigades were obliterated when the Coalition of Nations invaded Revachol and quashed the Revolution. By '51, replicas of Commune air brigade jackets had become a public fashion in Revachol. Kim Kitsuragi owned both a pilot jacket and a crew jacket.[3][4]

Mechanists specialized in working on aerostatics and motor carriages wore cargo trousers.[5]

Named aerostatics[ | ]

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References[ | ]

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    Pilots used the inner pockets of their jackets to store logbooks and tool kits. Kim honours this function by using one of the pockets to carry his trusty notebook, where it lies close to his heart. It's a sentimentality, but Kim feels centred when wearing this jacket. He leaves it on when he sits down for Volta."
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