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"Oh, so you're just a simple, well-meaning man, huh?" He spits on the ground before him. "Ever been in solitary? Prison is *torture*, that's what it is."

Alain is a character in Disco Elysium.


Alain is in his late thirties-early forties, either Mesque or Saramirizian. He wears hobnailed working boots, size 43.[1] His gang tattoos tell his story: Alain spent his youth in Villalobos, a housing project in the Jamrock Quarter, and had several run-ins with the law and incarcerations.[2] There's a symmetric burn on his neck that resembles the letters *Los Los*, like he tried to burn off his tattoos and leave that life behind.[3] Now he's a union man and one of Titus Hardie's Hardie Boys.


  • He is encountered on day 2 at the Whirling-In-Rags Union cafeteria. When you speak with Titus, Alain may chime in.
  • Alain will appear with the rest of the Hardie Boys at the mercenary tribunal. He always survives.

Behind the scenes[]

Alain is voiced by Colombian actor Coco Prada in The Final Cut, credited as "Alaine." He did not have a voice in the original version of the game.


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  3. Pain Threshold: A symmetric burn on his neck, remembling the letters *Los Los*. Has he tried to burn it off, leave that life behind?