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Annette is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Annette is the daughter of the owner of Crime, Romance, and Biographies of Famous People, Plaisance[1]. She is first encountered standing outside in front of the store, trying to entice people to come inside to browse. Her mother believes this will teach her a good work ethic, preventing her from becoming "lazy and spoiled"[2].

Interactions[ | ]

  • Annette is encountered on the very first day, advertising her mother's books for sale. She is open to answering some basic questions about the world, and will lead Harry to investigating the Doomed Commercial Area.
  • Harry can also get her to discuss her impression of policemen and Dick Mullen novels.
    • Annette has a Legendary Composure check relating to this, allowing Harry to deduce something about her. It can be made easier by asking about the curse, noticing her anxious body language, and asking about standing in the cold. This will allow Harry to deduce that she is biting her fingernails due to her anxiety.
    • Harry can then talk to Plaisance and persuade her to let Annette remain inside the store. She will give Harry Dick Mullen's Hat, thanking him.
  • Passing a Medium Logic check followed by yet another Medium Suggestion check allows for the revelation that Annette had seen Harry walking around days prior[3] with "party eyes"[4].

References[ | ]

  1. ANNETTE – "My name is Annette, sir. My mum, her name is Plaisance, she owns the store. She's inside, minding the register... or organizing the stock." The girl gazes at the window, then suddenly jolts, her eyes wide, as if recalling something:

    ANNETTE – "Feel free to step in and browse our wares!"

  2. YOU – "In some more developed countries this sort of thing is two felonies. Child labour and slavery."

    PLAISANCE – "Those countries will realise they've raised a lazy and spoiled generation." Her tone is decisive, not at all angry at the insinuation. "Are we done with the jokes now?"

  3. ANNETTE – "You've been running around for several days, talking about small churches and how everyone betrayed you, sir."

    YOU – "Did I ever talk to you?"

    ANNETTE – "Of course. You stopped by a few times." She looks at you intently. "You certainly look better than the last time I saw you!"

  4. YOU – "*Party eyes*?"

    ANNETTE – "You know... like a cat in the dark! All big-and-wide-eyed." She giggles at the thought. "It certainly looks odd on a man."