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Annette is a character in Disco Elysium.


Annette is the daughter of the book shop clerk, Plaisance. She is standing outside by the book stands, her purpose to lure customers in with all the dated bestsellers and what have they. She is cold, forced by her mother to hawk the waes of the bookstore all day. Since her mother is a fervent ultraliberal, she believes this will teach her a good work ethic... Nevermind the fact she can only study in the evenings, which means her education is suffering greatly (not to mention her health, standing outside no matter the elements).


  • Annette is encountered on the very first day, advertising her mother's books for sale. She offers a few pointers and gives you the opportunity to start practicing your inner Dredd (I am the law), get some basic information about the world, and lead you to the Doomed Commercial Area quest line.
  • You can also get her to discuss her impressions of policemen and then discuss the venerable Dick Mullen and how he misrepresents cops and cop work. Discussing this grants +5 XP.
  • Annette also has a Legendary Composure 12 check, allowing you to deduce things, unlocked after completing the above dialogue line. It can be made easier by asking about the DCA curse, noticing her anxious body language, and asking about standing in the cold. This will let you deduce that she is chewing on her fingernails, and discuss the matter with her (which indicates a high level of stress due to her mother exploiting her).
    • You can then talk to Plaisance and persuade her to stop exploiting Annette. Annette will then move inside the bookstore, catching up on her homework. She will give you Dick Mullen's Hat, thanking you for your work as a policeman (and under that, getting her inside).
  • Passing a Medium 10 Logic check at the end of the above dialogue unlocks another white check, Suggestion Medium 11: You're missing something and you can try to figure that out. Once passed, you will be able to ask her about it and realize that she saw you before, higher than the Innocence on various drugs for nearly a week before. This is worth another 5 XP.

Behind the scenes[]

Annette is voiced by Suzie Sadler in both The Final Cut and the original version of the game.