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The destroyer

Anti-Object Task Force is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

Take a look at your hands. See how bruised they are? See those little scars? This is Exhibit A. The material world is holding you back. Containers, mailboxes, doors, chairs -- they are all your enemies. Always have been. Atoms themselves are in on the conspiracy, forming shapes and structures that you hate. You are energy stuck in a body. You are spirit trapped in matter. Break free! Beat up that lamp post! Let it know just how much objects *suck*.

Solution[ | ]

Behold: the Anti-Object Task Force has assembled. God's avenging angel, arrayed against the lower emanations of the Darkened One: shoe racks, tape recorders, motor carriages. And doors. So many doors. You're not just pounding it all to pieces. You’re *reforging* the universe. From the anvil of the heavens to the worms below. Indulge in it. Be bold. Have an *impact* on the shape of Creation. Out of the furnace of your rage -- a new reality! Also, you should trash your room *again*.

Effects[ | ]

  • Temporary research bonus:
  • Bonuses from the thought:
    • Attacking physical objects heals damage
    • +1 Pain Threshold: Thick skin
    • All FYS learning caps raised by 1

Location[ | ]

  • Hitting physical objects with your bare hands/feet.
    • Punch Disco Dancer's Front Door (Requires Half Light 4+)
    • Kick the Mail Box near Kim's Car BEFORE you get the white envelope from Evrart
    • Kick the Mail Box near Kim's Car AFTER you get the white envelope from Evrart
    • Kick the door on Disco Dancer's balcony (Day 2+)
    • Kick the Furnace in the Doomed Commercial Area
    • Kick the Dumpster after failing to open it with the prybar.
    • Punch the Hawthorn Tree near the Waterlock (Requires the Task to make Van Eyck's Jame harder core.)

Notes[ | ]

  • Since hitting most (all?) objects deals -1 health to you, this makes hitting objects "neutral", as long as you have >1 health (or you will die).