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Archipelagos is a location in Disco Elysium on the Insulindian isola.[1]

Locations[ | ]

Croyant-Morain is a major city in this region.[2] It is implied to be a a very wealthy city.[3] Villiers is another major city in the region.

References[ | ]

  1. YOU - Look at the map of Insulinde.
    MAP WALL - This large map displays archipelagos. You see a constellation of small dots on the light blue emptiness of the Insulindic ocean. The largest, in the northeast, is "Le Caillou" (you are here). Another, far away in the southwest -- "Semenese Islands (Ile du Fantôme)".
    YOU - What else?
    MAP WALL - Ozonne, Laurentide, Face-a-la-Mer, Archipelagos, North Arcade Islands... all just specks of dust on the vastness of the Insulindic. On the edges of the map, the colour fades into a blur of dotted lines. Black and white.
  2. MAP WALL - You can. On Caillou -- Revachol, a single black star; on Ozonne -- Fond de l'Air and Virmandeux; on Archipelagos -- Croyant-Morain, Villiers; on Semenine -- Olduvai. And on Laurentide -- Deora Of The Seven Seas...
  3. THE DESERTER - "Every morning he's there. While the parasites he fought to protect are off in Ozonne, or Croyant-Morain, or some other island they've built their palaces on. Feeding on drugs and having sex with their own children."