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Ask Kim about Seolite database is a task in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

According to Gary, Seolites are using advanced technology to spy on people all around the world. Maybe you should ask Kim if he can get you information about yourself from the Seolite database.

Details[ | ]

  • Upon speaking with Gary, Harry will be able to question why he seems to "have a problem with Seolites". Passing a Rhetoric passive check will allow Harry to question him about a potential conspiracy topic later.[1]
  • Whenever Harry is not accompanied by Kim Kitsuragi, he can speak to Gary again, who tells him about a supposed Seolite conspiracy to infiltrate and surveil foreign isolas with the use of advanced microtechnology. This must be completed before the White Composure check to analyze Gary's odd behaviour (attempting to hide the Fairweather T-500 Cuirass), otherwise he will not discuss it. A final Half Light passive is required[2] in order to trigger the task.
  • Harry can then question Kim on the topic. He refutes the existence of a Seolite conspiracy outright, as well as any possible involvement he could have in it, since he was born native to Revachol, and Seol is completely closed off to other nations.

References[ | ]

  1. YOU – "Do you have a problem with Seolites?"

    GARY, THE CRYPTOFASCIST – "No, no problem at all." He flashes an impenetrable smile at the lieutenant.

    RHETORIC [Challenging: Success] – Sounds like some conspiracy topic. You might be able to discuss it with him when the lieutenant isn't here. *If* you can remember it.

  2. HALF LIGHT [Challenging: Success] – Could it be that someone is listening in on *this* conversation? Are there bugs in the reeds -- not only insects, but tiny Seolite bugs -- or maybe even some of the bugs *are bugged themselves*...