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Attributes are a mechanic in Disco Elysium. Chosen at game start, they determine the Cop's starting skillset, as well as the general flavour of the playthrough.


  • The player's choice of attributes will impact their Skills, with every skill under the attribute starting with a value equal to it.
  • With every attribute set to 1, the player has a total of 8 points to distribute, potentially being able to set the attributes to 3-3-3-3.
  • However, the game encourages the player to try out a diverse skillset, emphasizing some attributes at the cost of others. This can be done through the archetype selection, meant to offer preset configurations that deliver a particular game experience. Note that there is no archetype specializing in the Motorics attribute, as it is generally considered secondary (though still very useful to have).
  • The highest an attribute can go is 6, considered a "Genius"-level ability.



Raw brain power, how smart you are. Your capacity to reason.

Related Skills: Logic, Encyclopedia, Rhetoric, Drama, Conceptualization, Visual Calculus


Sensitivity, how emotionally intelligent you are. Your power to influence yourself and others.

Related Skills:


Your musculature, how strong you are. How well your body is built.

Related Skills:


Your senses, how agile you are. How well you move your body.

Related Skills:



Extremely intelligent. Very bad with people. Knows interesting facts, comes up with original ideas.


Very psychological. A magnetic personality, but unstable. (Might begin to lose his mind.)


Extremely physical. Interacts with the world through his body. Gets things done, but dumb as a rock.

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