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Baddest Of the Bad Cops is an achievement in Disco Elysium.

How to obtain[ | ]

To obtain this achievement, Harry must insult and disagree with Kim until a value of negative 10 respect is reached.

There are alternative ways to achieve this, while still being nice to Kim. You simply have to be a jerk to other people in his presence, before taking the body down from the tree and finding your ledger.

Examples include but are not limited to (do these in front of Kim):

  • Licking Rum off the table
  • Punching Cuno
  • Doing the "Split the Kilo" quest. Consuming Speed and giving Speed to Cuno
  • Trying and failing to shoot Cunoesse
  • Failing the check when fighting MeasureHead, then never admitting to being a drunk. This will lose you 2 health, and unlock a new conversation with Kim
  • Doing the "Lieutenant Love" quest after failing the empathy check with Sylvie
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