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WORKING CLASS WOMAN – "It's you from the bookstand... Did you come to bring my cockatoo back?"

Billie Méjean, known in-game as the working class woman, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Billie Méjean is a simple working class woman who has worked several jobs, at the same time raising two kids, sixteen-year-old Jolie and seventeen-going-on-eighteen Jennie.[1] She has had three marriages in her life. She has come outside to look for her family, as the supper is nearly ready. Her teenage daughters have been missing for a night - "A boy trouble," she remarks - and her current husband, Victor, has not been around for a week. She has a steady passion for bloody and violent history books.

Interactions[ | ]

  • She will appear on Day 2 standing outside the bookstore. If asked, she will insist that while she does not know where exactly her husband is, he is not missing.[2] The player can take it on themselves to find him for her anyway. Talk to the drunk nearby, then speak to the working class woman again to begin the task.
  • Exhausting her dialogue options at the bookstand will grant the task Find your heraldic bird, allowing you to steal or purchase the book From A to Zrieek! A Guide to Cockatoos at the Bookstore.

References[ | ]

  1. WORKING CLASS WOMAN - "It's me, Victor, and the kids here," she nods. "We have two daughters, Jennie and Jolie."
    YOU - "How old are your daughters?"
    WORKING CLASS WOMAN - "Jolie is sixteen and Jennie is turning eighteen next month."
  2. WORKING CLASS WOMAN - "Who said anything about shame? Stop talking down to me." She puts her foot down. "My husband is not missing."