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BIRD'S NEST ROY – "Besides, I've been to Katla, though not quite as far north as the Hjelmdall, and watched the northern lights travel across the sky. Very unique energetic tides there."

Bird's Nest Roy is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Roy, white male, about 50, tall and gaunt, pawnbroker and drug addict (though the latter is not immediately obvious). His arms, legs, and torso all seem too long, and his hands are too large – expressive hands with long fingers, but nevertheless ugly. Speaks in a quiet, husky smoker’s voice. Has traveled extensively. Though he grew up on the coast and runs a pawnshop by the water, he doesn’t like boats.

He was part of the cleanup crew after the People’s Pile disaster. He became addicted to the military-grade anti-radiation drug, Pyrholidion. The Emergency Relief Brigade was a traumatic experience for him, one that keeps coming back to him, even fifteen years later. He set up his pawn shop after his second aunt died, leaving him her shack and the stuff inside - Roy pounced at the chance to move away from Faubourg and the nuclear pile that still sat in ruins there on the river.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Roy is the pawn shop seller and has a broad selection of goods:
    • The rack of used clothes has the T-Shirt Man From Hjelmdall for 2.
    • The shelf above his head contains a boombox, the Harmon Wowshi W02, made in Vesper and designed in Seol, capable of playing all the reel-to-reel formats (2mm, 8mm, 12mm) AND comes with a little radio. 12 unless you can bargain it down when looking for a way to play the Doorgunner Megamix.
    • With a white Interfacing Easy 9 check, you can obtain Figurine Set Headless FALN Rider for 0.50.
    • The Modified Street Lamp is sold for 700.
  • Notably, you can investigate his strange behavior with an Electrochemistry Challenging 12 check (made easier by -1 if you pass a passive Composure medium 11 check) to realize that he's high on Pyrholidon.
  • He can also further your investigation for the lost gun. Unfortunately, he doesn't have it - he has sold it to the Pigs to get rid of her (he found her terrifying). Kim is understandably displeased about it, but manages to keep a poker face.
  • After finding A Bundle of Magnetic Tape in the hawthorn tree, you can take it to Roy to have it fixed up into A Reel of Magnetic Tape for the task Make van Eyck's jam harder core.
  • Roy is willing to trade, if you stumble upon something that interests him.
  • If the Col Do Ma Ma Daqua thought has been internalized and he is asked about it, he will reveal that he was involved with a group of musicians that searched for it, but were unsuccessful.