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Boiadeiro is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

It has been brought to your attention that there are men who live by the law of the land and the strength of their arms. Sunburnt, rugged, smoking men who explored the great rivery veins of upper-Magritte and tamed the Mundi wilds. Frontiersmen, cow-herders, philosophers -- the *boiadeiros*... with a gun in one hand and an unfiltered cigarette between their lips, these men made their own rules. What would it take for you to become one too?

Solution[ | ]

Smoking, Harry. It will take a lot of tobacco-smoking for you to become a *boiadeiro*. Twin cigarettes fused to your lips and one hanging out of your nostril. In these tame, cultured times, without the sky’s dome above your head, the only way to be a true Franconigerian individualist is to smoke a lot of cigarettes. Light one up immediately. The smell of coffee brewing over a fire pit, a chestnut-flavoured morning. Welcome to Astra Country.

Effects[ | ]

Requires 6h 30m research time

Location[ | ]

  • You'll have to speak to Call Me Mañana to start this thought, but he won't have much to say to you until you've met Evrart first. Go talk to Evrart and agree to open the weasel's door for him.
  • Call Me Mañana will speak to you now. With a Suggestion of 4 or higher, ask him about his thoughts on the political situation and look for the line "Got the picture, Let me ask you something else." Ask about his name then wonder about yours, pass an Inland Empire check of 10 (needs 4 IE). Accept "Tequila Sunset" and ask Manana to explain what a Boaideiro is.

Notes[ | ]

A Logic skill of greater than 3 will prevent this thought from being acquired.