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Bookstore is a location in Disco Elysium.


A bookstore ran by Plaisance that looks more than a little out of the ordinary in Martinaise. It sells a broad variety of books, including biographies of the rich and famous, a selection of literature (including Graadian door stoppers), and even board games. However, there's more to the bookstore than meets the eye, as it was set up in the main hall of the Doomed Commercial Area, with all the spookiness that entails.

Points of interest[]

  • This is a small area divided into two halves. The main one contains Plaisance and her bookstore, with the plethora of items that can be bought or in some cases filched (Kim isn't too pleased about defrauding the local owners). The most important part, however, is the curtained-off area. Plaisance will balk at you fiddling with the curtains, but she's powerless to stop you. Behind is an abandoned hair dresser's, with a door leading into the DCA, covered in Semenese Wards. Accessing it, though, requires more than just pressing on the door knob.
  • For the interested:
    • The game pile contains an endless variety of sourcebooks, lorebooks, and codices litter the table. The top-most book is titled "Welkin Compendium, Second Edition. There's also a large hardbound tome with intricate cover art: "The Hunters of Katuak: Boreal Creature Compendium," and a pick-your-path adventure gamebook titled "Tales of Wirral: Cavern of Velkraag." Finally, there's a box that says: "Wirral. Third Edition Mega-Setting Supplements Module". The side panel notes: "A fantastique adventure board game. New maps and miniatures!" Regular games include Suzerainty, The Viticulturist, Archipelagos of Insulinde, and Raubritter (economic competition, as usual).
    • The Man from Hjelmdall includes the Hjemdallermann, Man from Hjemdall and the Hjemdall Man, Man from Hjemdall and the Mammoth-Riders, Man from Hjemdall: Return to Hjemdall, and a white check (Pain Threshold Medium 10) to see if a book calls out to you. This unlocks The Man from Hjelmdall and the Devil Woman.
  • Upstairs is the shelf of biographies which includes High Speed Love: The tragic True Love Story of Jacob Irw and Alfie Deletraz by Cecilia Averbrook, a slim biography of the Occidental rock star The Antistar, though to get the book you need, you have to ask Plaisance for recommendations. She recommends the The Greatest Innosence, which unlocks a big tome of lore for purchase.
  • The shelf of paranormal books includes a book by Matthias W. Dundas on "Wholeness, Unity, and Balance". You can try a white Inland Empire check (Medium 10) to find Medicinal Purposes of the Pale and unlock it for purchase.
  • Finally, the board in the upper left upstairs includes a map of Revachol, Martinaise, and Insulinde isola in general. You can only buy the map of Martinaise for 0.90 (or steal it with a white Interfacing check (Challenging 12)).


Board games
  • Martinaise map for 0.90