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Bringing of the Law (Law-Jaw) is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

Hey, so a little observation. It's all cool, man. Don't freak out, but every time you say “I am the law“ -- and you say it *a lot*, it's basically *hello* for you -- your jaw does this *weird thing*. It sort of shifts sideways, hanging off your face at a jaunty angle, while the word *law* sounds oddly guttural and low. It's... strange. You wouldn't notice it, but after saying you're the law eighty thousand times, the question *does* come up: why *do* you have Law Jaw?

Solution[ | ]

Okay, so. We now know why you have *Law Jaw*. Why you say *the law* in a weird manner, and why your jaw does that thing. You had polio as a child. You hadn’t gotten vaccinated. It must've been right after the Revolution -- not a lot of vaccine going around then. So you got infantile paralysis due to polio and this jaw thing is a complication from that. Admittedly, it’s not very funny. But you *overcame* it! This little infant survived and became a sharpshooting supercop. So: fuck you, polio!

Effects[ | ]

Requires 2h 55m research time

Location[ | ]

References[ | ]


  2. ANNETTE – "Hello, sir! Step right in, the store is open!" A young girl with chubby red cheeks waves at you, smiling. Her nose is also red from the cold.

    YOU – "I am the law."

  3. PLAISANCE – "I wasn't kidding when I said we're para-psychologically done! You clearly don't care about the consequences. What gives you the right?"

    YOU – "I am the law."

  4. YOU – "I'm a policeman."

    WORKING CLASS WOMAN – "I know you are."

  5. SCAB LEADER – "Basteeerds! We have a RIGHT TO WORK!" the man yells towards the harbour gates. His voice is the loudest of the lot -- and oddly screechy for a man his size.

    YOU – "I am the law."

  6. CALL ME MAÑANA – "They're sort of like you. Preserve the rule of law and all that. Except it's Evrart's law." He takes a swig from his flask. "But, really, they're just like you."

    YOU – "There is only one law, friend -- and that's me!"

  7. YOU – "As always, I am... the Lawbringer."

  8. LILIENNE, THE NET PICKER – "Johnny what now?" She's trying to resist a smile. "That's not proper cop behaviour, is it?"

    YOU – "I am the law."

  9. YOU – "I am the law."

    TOMMY LE HOMME – "You sure are, my man." He nods emphatically.

  10. YOU – "Me? I am the law around here."

  11. YOU – "Don't use that tone with me. I am the law."

  12. YOU – "I'm not a pig. I am *The Law*. Show me what you're selling or I will shake you down."

  13. YOU – "You're not the law. I am the law!"

  14. DON'T CALL ABIGAIL – "Don't ya call her, ya hear. Don't call Abigail..."

    YOU – "I am the law."

  15. YOU – "I have re-entered reality to conquer it. To bend it to my will. I am the law."

  16. YOU – "I am The Law and an expert in these matters. Let me be the judge of what it is: hyper, super, or ultra hard core."

  17. YOU – "Don't fuck around. I am the law."

  18. SUNDAY FRIEND – "What's the meaning of this?"

    YOU – "It means the jig's up, creep. I am the law!"

  19. YOU – "Hold on there. The Hardie boys are *not* the law -- I am."

  20. YOU – "I am the law. I'm a detective. I'm doing a case. There's a hanged man."

    PAYPHONE – She does not answer anymore.