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"Is that so?" He raises an eyebrow. "Well, in that case, I salute you, boia, and wish you good fortune on this grand ideological quest."

Call Me Mañana is a character in Disco Elysium.


One of the left-wing workers employed at the Greater Revachol Industrial Harbor, Mañana has Mesque roots and fully embodies the Boiadero archetype: laid back, cigarette smoking, and effortlessly cool. The heir to a 500 year old Franconigerian boiadero code, appropriated from vespertine cool: true to himself, independent in actions, and loyal to friends.

Manana is a keen observer: He realizes that if it wasn't for the scab leader riling them up, they would have walked away and the strike would continue unimpeded. While he has some sympathy for scabs, understanding they're tired and scared, he does not believe that sympathy warrants accepting their desire to do the job of other dockworkers for shittier pay.


  • Mañana can be encountered from Day 1, lounging on the railing near the entrance to the harbour. He will tease you about being a scab, before admitting that he has never seen a cop scab before (and it's unlikely he would). At first, his primary role is to suggest means to gain entrance to Evrart Claire - and that means getting into the harbour through the harbour secretariat. Past Measurehead. Twice. You might have to find another way in.
  • He becomes much more talkative once you meet Evrart, and he will provide more information about the strike (Suggestion helpfully points that out). He'll also provide the key for Gary's apartment once you agree to open the apartment door for Evrart.

Behind the scenes[]

Mañana is voiced by Mark Holcomb in both The Final Cut and the original version of the game.