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Capeside apartments is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Once a glamorous twelve story tenement, Capeside apartments did not fare well in the Antecentennial Revolution. Smashed to bits by Coalition artillery, then shot up in the fighting and filled with 4.46 mm bullets, the stone walls now barely rise to the fourth floor and provide marginal shelter to the weak, the disenfranchised, and the powerless.

Points of interest[ | ]

The interior of the apartments is divided into several sections.

Ground level[ | ]

  • The eastern entrance is accessible from the backyard near Cunoesse after getting the key from the Smoker on the Balcony. The main entrance is to the west, near Joyce Messier's boat, and needs to be opened from the inside before it can be used.
  • The eastern half contains the de Ruyter apartment, where Cuno sends Harry in order to obtain stuff (he's terrified of his drunk father). There's also a public bathroom, with slime and moss-covered walls, and some reál hidden all over.
  • In the corridor is a locked apartment with a rusted padlock. The Chaincutters allow you to cut through it and explore a young communard's apartment (check out the bust of Kras Mazov and be sure to expropriate a lounge jacket in the corner).
  • Further along is the apartment 10 (talk to the Cleaning Lady to gain access) and an open, foreclosed apartment.

Western balcony[ | ]

Eastern balcony[ | ]

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