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Central Jamrock is a location in Disco Elysium.


The heart of the Jamrock Quarter, it's a bit more pleasant than the rest of western Revachol, though not by much. Its defining feature is a lake on the eastern edge of the district, formed when a mainline pipe burst in the early 20s. It is also where Precinct 41 is located, for better or worse. Although the district has amenities such as a public library, it has its share of problems, such as damaged residential buildings that cannot be repaired properly in the absence of a municipal government. In one notable case, a building with 200 tenants is at the risk of collapse, but there are no real authorities to repair it or provide alternate housing. The best they can hope for is a burned-out building with mold and rot throughout, if someone even notices the damage.[1]

Below Precinct 41 there's a kebab merchant called Kuklov, in the market across the bridge. He makes kebabs that make you immortal if you can eat three and survive. It's the fly larvae. Some RCM officers believe eating it will make them immune to food poisoning.[2]

Although thought extinguished, traces of communist thought remain in Jamrock, usually among the youth and the odd cafe, where they gather to cope with the brutality of life under foreign occupation and the iniquities of capitalism.[3]


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