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Chad Tillbrook is a junior patrol officer of the Revachol Citizens Militia and a member of Precinct 41 within the Jamrock Quarter.

Background[ | ]

Tillbrook is exclusively mentioned through passive Esprit de Corps checks along with several other officers from the same precinct. His partner is Patrol Officer Émile Mollins.[1]

If the protagonist accepts a bribe from Siileng, it can be revealed that Tillbrook just refused a bribe from a local hood and that Harry just made his job, "and the job of all honest cops," harder.[2] A young man on Boogie Street shows his genital warts to Tillbrook, asking if they are cancerous, at the same time Harry asks Klaasje about her occupation.[3]

Tillbrook shoots and kills a rabid wounded dog in the Valley of Dogs at the same time that a conversation between Harry and Joyce Messier occurs.[1] During the final debriefing scene, if the body of the Working Class Husband was processed, Judit Minot mentions that Tillbrook and Mollins coordinate funeral arrangements and family matters.[4]

References[ | ]

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    ESPRIT DE CORPS – To his left, his partner Émile Mollins whispers: "You heard what happened to Tequila Sunset? In Martinaise?"

    ESPRIT DE CORPS – "Yes, he lost his mind," Tillbrook answers, finger on the trigger. "Don't worry, Émile..." He pulls on it slowly. Slowly now... "He'll find it again."

    ESPRIT DE CORPS – "We always do."

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