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This article lists the characters mentioned or encountered in-game.

Interactable Characters

This section is for characters that the protagonist meets or talks to in-game.

Revachol Citizens Militia


Rue de Saint-Ghislaine

Dockworkers' Union

Capeside Apartments

Fishing Village

Dolorian Church

Sea Fortress


Uninteractable Characters

This section is for characters that the protagonist does not meet or talk to in-game, yet are mentioned in text.

Historical Figures

  • Dolores Dei
  • Drysant
  • Ernö Pasternak
  • Filippe II, the Opulent
  • Filippe III, the Squanderer
  • Filippe IV, the Insane
  • Franconegro
  • Frissel the First
  • Guillaume Le Lion
  • Ignus Nilsen
  • Irene La Navigateur
  • Jean Abadanaiz
  • Julia Dobreva

Revachol Citizens Militia

Artists & Writers

  • Abelard ("Un Pays Infernal")[1]
  • Andrew "Andy" Schott ("Wirrâl Unthetered" lead producer)[2]
  • The Antistar (rock star)[3]
  • Arno van Eyck
  • Benita (Pop-Stars magazine model, singer-songwriter)[4]
  • Cecilia Averbrook ("High Speed Love: the Tragic True Life Story of Jacob Irw and Alfie Deletraz")[5]
  • Charette ("Bons baisers d'Insulinde" political concept album)[6]
  • Do Do Chakan ("Psychotronic Stripper", motion picture director)[7]
  • The Etenniers ("Hail Holy Queen")[8]
  • The Fletchers ("Roll With Me")[9]
  • Guillaume Le Million
  • João Paolo Salomao Lopez de Fuego ("The Greatest Innocence")
  • M. Thibault ("The Glinting Curve")[10]
  • Maria Kapaleva/Olga Grebennikova (sexploitation movie actress)[7]
  • Matthias W. Dundas ("Wholeness, Unity, Balance")[11]
  • Moritz Metzger ("The Saddest Pig In The World")[12]
  • Ostentatious Orchestrations
  • Rietveldt (pioneer anodic musician)[13]
  • Pepi Popikarnassos (Paliseum musician)[14]
  • Puncher and Wattmann ("Innocence of Capital")[15]
  • Sulisław Zawisza ("Wirrâl Unthetered" lead designer)[16]
  • Tippe Tijonne (starlet, movie actress from early cinematography)[17]
  • Wertmüller ("The Mega-Structure of History", "Reál and Reality")[18]
  • Yekartina Dahl ("Sixteen Days of Coldest April")


  • Artemitep
  • Barry the Butcher
  • Catelyn Mijanou
  • Edgar Claire
  • Etienne Hogarth
  • Felix
  • Jairzinho
  • Jeanie-Marie Beaulieu
  • Jolie and Jennie
  • La Puta Madre
  • M. Nyflox
  • Marie
  • Martha
  • Maurice
  • Michel
  • Mr. Fabron
  • Mr. Gaumont
  • Õlari Taal
  • Sapormat 'Sport' Knezhinisky
  • Tiberius Hardie
  • Uwe Plattenkalk
  • Zuzanna


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  7. 7.07.1 ENCYCLOPEDIA - Alright, here we go -- Ms. Kapaleva (née Olga Grebennikova) was once known as East Revachol's premier vedette and sex symbol. Her role in director Do Do Chakan's sexploitation motion picture 'Psychotronic Stripper' launched her into stardom. She's been voted Most Captivating Woman by La Fayette *three years* running.
  8. GARTE, THE CAFETERIA MANAGER - "*Hail Holy Queen* by The Etenniers. 'Hail holy queen of the sea,'" he quotes. "'You're whirling in rags -- you're vast and you're sad."
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