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Charles Villedrouin, or the Sunday Friend, is a minor character in Disco Elysium.


An official with the Coalition Government, employed by the Institute of Price Stabilitié, on assignment from Sur-la-Clef. It's unclear if the Institute even exists; his affiliation with the Moralintern, proclivity for slumming and taking on impoverished students as lovers, and tendency to steer conversation towards topics broadly related to dissidents, runaways, and other threats to the Moralintern's supremacy indicate he's employed in a far more sinister capacity.


  • Found through the Smoker on the Balcony, Charles gives one of the more complete accounts of the lynching in Whirling's back yard. If you've learned that Klaasje is on the run from Oranjese authorities, you can also reveal her presence to him. He also provides a fair amount of background information on the world of Elysium.