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Chester McLaine is a character in Disco Elysium.


Chester is a member of Precinct 41 of the Revachol Citizens Militia. He was the partner of Mack Torson.


  • Mack Torson and Chester McLaine joke about Jean and Harry being "heterosexual life partners".
  • According to Judit Minot, Torson and McLaine is the iconic duo who are not fit to run the C-Wing in senior officers' absence.
  • Chester had to go to the lazaret once because he had serious fish poisoning.
  • He faked his own death for a job once.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Chester is voiced by Jonny El Hage in The Final Cut. He did not have a voice in the original version of the game.
  • According to the Disco Elysium art book, the working title of the game was Torson & McLaine when the game's concept was simply a one-pager, focusing on a buddy cop duo. This early concept for the game, while abandoned early on, is referenced in Judit's mention of Torson and McLaine being a memorable pair.


  1. Mack Torson: "A bald man turns toward a lean man and pats him on the back. "Come on, Chester, tell the story again.""
    Chester McLaine: ""Again? Man, I tell that one at least once a month. It's not that interesting," Chester replies."
    Mack Torson: ""The *fuck* it is," the bald man replies. "And these guys haven't heard it." He motions to the civilian sitting in the back seat. "You see, Chester here," he pokes his finger at the lean man. "Chester *faked his own death* once!""
    ""Gosh, why?" One civilian looks on, amazed -- the bald man bellows a reply: "A very fuckin' dangerous case, ain't that right, Chester? They almost got you that time.""
    Chester McLaine: ""Yeah, sure came close," Chester mutters in return, then turns to the rapt listener. "Alright, so I was tailing this guy called 'Francis the Shoe'..." The inside of the motor carriage is thick with cigarette smoke. Outside, it starts to rain..."