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CINDY THE SKULL – "I'm Cindy the fucking SKULL -- what else do you want to know?"

Cindy the SKULL is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Cindy the SKULL is an artist whom the player finds above them on a balcony near the Capeside Apartments. She is described by Joyce Messier as a rebel due to her dyed hair and "old people clothing."[2] Her political alignment is Communist, and she is a member of the SKULLS gang. Wannabe-SKULLS Fuck the World and Pissf****t seem to look up to her, describing her as a "right proper SKULL" and "a true artist of the future, just like Arno van Eyck."[3] Cindy lives in the coal room on her balcony. Upon exploring this room, you can find the Pour L'Homme Labourer Jeans, as well as some pyrholidon. When asking whether or not she has a "real" home, she gives a vague, wistful answer. Empathy suggests that she may be distancing herself from feelings of grief surrounding her concept of "home."[4] Cindy's painting supplies can be seen in the communist meeting room at Capeside Apartments, above her balcony. According to Steban and Ulixes, she uses the space as an art studio.[5]

When you first meet Cindy and ask what she's doing, she states that she plans to make an "aero-graffito visible from low orbit" but has not yet figured out the right words. She describes her environment as "severely lacking in havoc," citing this as the reason for her lack of inspiration.[6]

Interactions[ | ]

Aero-Graffito[ | ]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for a pivotal moment near the end of the game follow. (Skip)

After the tribunal, a large aero-graffito is painted on the ground outside of the Whirling-in-Rags. It reads, "UN JOUR JE SERAI DE RETOUR PRÈS DE TOI," translating to, "ONE DAY I WILL RETURN TO YOUR SIDE." It is assumed that this is Cindy's work due to the use of her signature medium of red government-issue fuel oil, and her earlier stated intent to create an aero-graffito.[7][8] Earlier foreshadowing by Conceptualization also indicates that the tribunal finally provided her with the inspiration she needed.[9] Due to the flammable nature of its medium, you can even set it on fire!

The mural likely references The Return/Le Retour, and is made to send a message to the Coalition aerostatics passing above Martinaise.[10]


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References[ | ]

  1. JOYCE MESSIER – "The girl in the old-lady rags?"

  2. JOYCE MESSIER – "Young people who dye their hair funny colours and wear old people's clothes are stupid and their little rebellion is self-defeating..."

  3. YOU – "Do you guys know Cindy the SKULL?"

    PISSF****T – "Oh yeah, Cindy's a right proper SKULL..." The young man's eyes glaze over, his voice filled with longing.

    FUCK THE WORLD – "Yeah," the other guy lights up too. "A true artist of the future, just like Arno van Eyck."

  4. YOU – "Don't you have a real home?"

    CINDY THE SKULL – "Does anyone, in a city like this?" she replies wistfully, looking around.

    EMPATHY [Medium: Success] – If there's pain about any particular home she's lost, she's buried it deep, fortified herself against it.

  5. YOU – (Point to the art supplies.) "I'm guessing all this art stuff belongs to Cindy?"

    STEBAN, THE STUDENT COMMUNIST – He sighs. "Yeah, it's hers. She just sort of... moved it all in a few months ago."

    ECHO MAKER – "She said if she's going to make truly radical art, she needs a suitably radical workspace."

    STEBAN, THE STUDENT COMMUNIST – "And I don't think she could afford rent at an actual studio."

  6. CINDY THE SKULL – "Can't you tell? I'm painting a beautiful mural. An aero-graffito visible from low orbit..."

    CINDY THE SKULL – "I haven't really started it yet. I'm waiting for the right words." She studies the wall, suddenly pensive.

    YOU – "Why are you so committed to defacing the building?"

    CINDY THE SKULL – "This place is severely lacking in havoc. Not even the occasional trash can fire to break up the tedium."

  7. YOU – "Is that heavy fuel oil?"

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Red-dyed heavy fuel oil intended for exclusive use in government vehicles, to be precise," he says, studying the contents of Cindy's bucket.

    CINDY THE SKULL – "What did you think I was using, aquarelles? Sucked it out of a cop's fuel tank myself -- back in Jamrock."

  8. ONE DAY I WILL RETURN TO YOUR SIDE – The graffito has been painted over the traces of the fight that took place here. It smells of blood and heavy fuel oil.

    REACTION SPEED [Easy: Success] – This was Cindy the SKULL.

    YOU – Looks like Cindy the SKULL finally found the words for her masterpiece.

    KIM KITSURAGI – The lieutenant crouches, touching the fuel oil with his finger.

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Looks like it, yes. This is still fresh. It wasn't here yesterday."

  9. CONCEPTUALIZATION [Challenging: Success] – The inspiration will come to her once *hell* is set loose on the streets. It's too calm right now.

  10. YOU – Looks like Cindy the SKULL finally found the words for her masterpiece.

    KIM KITSURAGI – The lieutenant crouches, touching the fuel oil with his finger.

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Looks like it, yes. This is still fresh. It wasn't here yesterday."

    CONCEPTUALIZATION [Easy: Success] – The Return...

    YOU – "Does this have anything to do with 'The Return' Klaasje is waiting for?"

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Could be. In Revachol West, someone somewhere is always whispering about Le Retour..." He squints his eyes at the writing. "It's an *aerograffito*, meant for Coalition aerostatics in the lower troposphere."