This page covers the clothes and other pieces of apparel available to the Cop and informed by his dubious fashion sense.


Clothing can be equipped on your character to roleplay and show off your fashion sense or to min/max your stats as each one has different bonuses and penalties applied to it. Below is a list of their names, bonuses and locations. A few pieces will lead to different dialogue spoken by NPCs and thoughts in your head.



Name Bonuses Location
Hat bum.png
Orange Bum Hat
+1 Reaction Speed

-1 Rhetoric

In a container in the alley behind the greenhouse next to Gary's door
Hat amphibian sports visor.png
Amphibian Sports Visor
+1 Perception Fail an active Conceptualization check (<13) with one of the containers next to Siileng outside the pawn shop
Hat mullen.png
Dick Mullen's Hat
+1 Encyclopedia Convince the owner of the bookstore to allow her daughter inside after talking to her daughter about being a detective and deducing why she bites her nails,

then speak to the daughter after she's inside

Hat rcm.png
RCM Lieutenant's Cap
+1 Authority Gotten from "The Pigs" on the boardwalk after disarming her (Day 3+)
Hat revolutionary.png
Revolutionary's Hat
+1 to Mazovian Socio-Economics Found in the bunker room under the Feld Building (Day 3+)
Hat faln.png
FALN Pipo Pipo
+2 Logic

-1 Perception

Found in the southwestern most area of the boardwalk in a container (Day 3+)
Hat t500.png
Fairweather T-500 Helmet
+1 Half Light

-1 Suggestion

Found in a nest on the islet with the ruins (Day 3+)
Hat samaran.png
Samaran Conical Hat
+1 Logic

-1 Suggestion

Found inside the apartment of the smoker on the balcony (Requires going there after 21:00) (Day 2+)
Hat camionneur.png
Camionneur Cap
+1 Hand-Eye Coordination


Name Bonuses Location
Glasses sub insulindics.png
Sunglasses Sub-Insulindic Rendezvous
-1 Perception

+1 Inland Empire

Pass an active Conceptualization check (13+) when rummaging through the box of glasses next to Siileng outside the pawn shop. Bought from Siileng for 3 réal
Glasses self destruction.png
Shades of Self-Destruction
+1 Electrochemistry

-1 Logic

Investigate the first glasses you find in the box of glasses next to Siileng outside the pawn shop. Bought from Siileng for 2.5 réal
Glasses megabinos.png
Mega-Bino's Prescription Lenses
+2 Encyclopedia

-1 Perception

In a container in the fish market area of the boardwalk (Day 3+)
Glasses bugeyes.png
Oversized Superstar Sunglasses
+1 Savoir Faire

-1 Visual Calculus

In a container south of the cryptozoologists (Day 3+)
Glasses flipup.png
Flip-up Glasses The Auditor
+1 Logic

-1 Authority

In the closet, right across from the back door entrance to the Apartment Building
Glasses biker.png
Jamrock Biker-Cop Sunnies
+1 Empathy

-1 Logic

Found in a container, on the far side of the water lock, near the raised drawbridge/roadway (Day 3+). Requires tool to open.
Glasses rect.png
Neat Office Shades
+1 Visual Calculus

-1 Drama

Found in the Union building, inside of the bathroom


Name Bonuses Location
Jacket mullen.png
Pinball Maker's Coat
+1 Empathy

+1 Hand/Eye Coordination

Behind the blue door in the Whirling-in-Rags kitchen
Jacket fritte raincoat.png
FRITTTE Plastic Rain Coat
+1 Endurance Able to be stolen (interfacing check) or purchased from Frittters
Jacket interisolar white.png
Saramirizian Lounge Jacket
+1 Conceptualization In the padlocked apartment with the Bust near the cleaning lady
Jacket navalcoat.png
Signal-Blue Naval Coat
+1 Suggestion

-1 Half Light

In a container just below Cindy the Skull, might require the multi-tool to acquire
Jacket rcm.png
RCM Commander's Jacket
+1 Esprit de Corps

+1 Visual Calculus

Found in your car
Jacket faln.png
FALN Faln Windbreaker
+1 Pain Threshold

+1 Half Light

-1 Drama

Found in the fishmarket area of the boardwalk (Day 3+) hanging from a fence, you must have the old lady in the fishing village clean it for you
Jacket patrol cloak.png
RCM Patrol Cloak
+1 Esprit de Corps

+1 Shivers

Hanging on a railing outside the western exit of the Union building
Jacket windbreaker surf.png
Dynamic Winderbreaker Surf
+1 Composure

-1 Shivers

Pass an active Composure check (10+) with the container left of Siileng outside the pawn shop. Bought from Siileng for 4.5 réal
Jacket fucktheworld.png
Leather Jacket Fuck the World
+1 Half Light

-1 Rhetoric

Pass a Half-Light (Legendary) check when talking to the Skulls next to Kim's car (Day 4+)
Jacket pissflaubert.png
Leather Jacket Pissf****t
+1 Drama

-1 Authority

Pass or fail a Half-Light (Legendary) check when talking to the Skulls next to Kim's car (Day 4+)
Jacket kimono robe.png
Party Dragon's Silk Robe
+1 Drama

+1 Electrochemistry

Found inside the apartment of the smoker on the balcony (Requires going there after 21:00)
Jacket nansencoat.png
Polar Anorak
+1 Composure

+1 Shivers

Found after succeeding a passive perception check under the Feld Building along the tunnel pathway
Jacket interisolar.png
Interisolary Suit Jacket
+1 Suggestion Found beneath the Feld building, in a locker (Day 3+)
Jacket carabineer.png
Royal Carabineer Jacket
+1 to Revacholian Nationhood Found in Rene's shack, in the Harbor (Day 5+)
Jacket korovjev.png
Korojev Jacket
+1 Logic Found in the fishing village's free shack.
Jacket suede.png
Disco-Ass Blazer
+1 Esprit de Corps Found on the floor of your Hostel room


Name Bonuses Location
Neck winter scarf red.png
Mesque Banger's Silk Scarf
+1 Pain Threshold Found inside the ruined Church (Day 3+)
Neck tie.png
Horrific Necktie
+1 Inland Empire On the fan in your room at the start of the game, requires passing a Savoir Faire active skill check (10+)
Neck bowtie.png
Bow Knot
+2 Drama Found in the abandoned shack to the south-east of the fishing village.
Neck setting sun medal.png
Medal The Setting Sun
+1 Rhetoric Convince the old war veteran near the bench by the Whirling-in-Rags with an active Drama check
Neck teratorn tie.png
Eight-Eyed Teratorn Tie
+1 Inland Empire

+1 Volition

Checks the traps for Lena's husband then talk to him at the Whirling-In-Rags
Neck winter scarf.png
Army Surplus Winter Scarf
+2 Empathy

-1 Composure

Found on the islet in the ruined area (Day 3+)
Neck scented scarf.png
Scented Scarf
+1 Shivers

-2 Physical Instrument

Found on a post in the water, near Land's End (Day 3+)


Name Bonuses Location
Shirt interisolar.png
Interisolary Dress Shirt
+1 Logic Found in a drawer in Gary's home
Shirt hjelmdall.png
T-Shirt Man From Hjelmdall
+1 Physical Instrument

+1 Shivers

-2 Authority

Bought in the pawn shop
Shirt tank top.png
White Tank Top
+1 Physical Instrument Next to King Filppe’s statue in the lorry jam
Shirt dress disco.png
White Satin Shirt
+1 Conceptualization

-1 Suggestion

Hanging from the shower curtain rack in your room at the start of the game
Shirt mesh.png
Insane Mesh Tank Top
+1 Drama Basement of the Doomed Commercial Area, right next to the exit that lead to outside
Shirt polo.png
White Polo Shirt
+1 Rhetoric

-1 Empathy

South of radio tower at Land's End, directly east of closed bunker door
Shirt t500.png
Fairweather T-500 Cuirass
+1 Pain Threshold

+1 Volition

-1 Empathy

(Capable of stopping a bullet)

Pass a passive perception check when talking to Gary, then pass an active composure check
Shirt faln.png
FALN Arrower Shirt
+1 Hand/eye Coordination Found on the islet in the ruined area (Day 3+)


Name Bonuses Location
Gloves bum.png
Fingerless Gloves
+1 Electrochemistry Found in the dumpster outside the pawn shop
Gloves garden.png
Yellow Gardening Gloves
+1 Interfacing

Talk to the Gardener outside the Whirling-in-Rags and when you exit the conversation ask for her gloves.

Gloves t500.png
Fairweather T-500 Gauntlets
+2 Interfacing Talk to Cindy the Skull about the armor pieces and she'll tell you about the little girl that took the gloves.

Then talk to the little girl inside the house at the fishing village about them (Day 3+) and go outside to find

them in a sand castle area near the house.

Gloves faln.png
FALN Ultra Series Gloves
+1 Half Light In the Harbor area, next to Evart's container.


Name Bonuses Location
Pants itchy angry.png
Itchy Pants
+2 Half Light

-1 Composure

-1 Savoir Faire

Fail an active Composure check (<10) when investigating a container near Siileng outside the pawn shop
Pants interisolar.png
Interisolary Trousers
+1 to Kingdom of Conscience By a shack near the fishing village (Day 3+)
Pants faln.png
FALN Modular Track Pants
+1 Savoir Faire

+1 Physical Instrument

Talk to Cuno about the clothing found in the dumpster, then want to buy the pants from him, requires being on his good side.
Pants bellbottom.png
Flare-cut Trousers
-1 Savoir Faire

+1 Electrochemistry

On the floor of your room at the start of the game
Pants jeans.png
Pour L'Homme Labourer Jeans
+1 Electrochemistry

-1 Reaction Speed

Found in the coal room near Cindy the Skull
Pants carabineer.png
Royal Carabineer Pants
+1 Reaction Speed Found in Rene's shack, in the Harbor (Day 5+)
Pants interisolar white.png
Saramirizian Lounge Trousers
+2 Visual Calculus

+1 to Kingdom of Conscience

Pants jeans black.png
Regular Black Jeans
+1 Logic Found in Cuno's apartment, hanging on a clothesline above his sleeping father
Pants jeans red.png
Mesque Banger's Red Jeans
+1 Physical Instrument
Pants rcm.png
RCM Lieutenant's Pants
+1 Authority

+1 Suggestion

Found in the hostel in Harries room on the shelf when you wake up after the tribunal. (May have to be on Hardcore difficulty to get this)


Name Bonuses Location
Shoes t500.png
Fairweather T-500 Greaves
+2 Authority

-1 Composure

Before sending the corpse off for processing, be on the task to steal the boots and have Kim no longer with you.

Then take them from the corpse and clean them in the kitchen of the Whirling-in-Rags

Shoes snakeskin red.png
Mesque Banger's Red Brogues
+1 Empathy Found in the ruined Church (Day 3+)
Shoes snakeskin.png
Green Snakeskin Shoes
+1 Composure

-1 Savoir Faire

One is hanging from the coat rack in your room the other is outside the window on the balcony
Shoes cavalry.png
Franconigerian Cavalry Boots
+1 Perception Found on the dock in the fishing village (Day 3+)
Shoes fancy loafer.png
Black Monkstraps
+1 to Indirect Modes of Taxation Found in the apartment with the realtor near the cleaning lady
Shoes faln.png
FALN Ultra Series Sneakers
+1 Reaction Speed

+1 Hand/Eye Coordination

-1 Encyclopedia

Bought from Siileng for 50 real from the box right next to him
Shoes fancy loafer brown.png
Brown Derbies
+1 Perception

+1 to Indirect Modes of Taxation

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