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Coach physical instrument

Coach Physical Instrument is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

So you were minding your own business -- trying to get some detective work done -- when suddenly a voice emerged from within you and told you you're a wuss, a namby-pamby, a sissy and a limp jellyfish. This voice has *zero* gender-sensitivity and even less empathy for underwhelming athletic performance. Try to purposefully piss it off, see if it teaches you something. Pretend you don't know the difference between a double and a single support phase in the discipline of hammer throw. It hates that.

Solution[ | ]

Wait! How *did* you know all those hammer throw techniques? How do you know how to hold a discus? Or the world youth record *in* discus? Something doesn't add up here. This mushy thing between your ears didn't know the name of the *city* you're in, but it comes *loaded* with trivia about the correct “chin-position” of a shot put ball. Could it be that... SHUT UP NAMBY-PAMBY! This train of thought ends abruptly. It’s *leg day*! Straighten your rhombus muscle! It’s shirts vs. skins -- take your shirt off Namby, you're skins!

Effects[ | ]

Requires 40 minutes research time

  • Research
    • -2 Encyclopedia: Intense workout
  • Completion
    • +2 Physical Instrument if shirt slot is empty
    • -1 Encyclopedia: Facts are for Binoclards

Location[ | ]