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Coalition Warship Archer is a vehicle in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

The Archer is a large artillery-equipped aerostatic that serves as the Coalition of Nations' primary agent in the surveillance and communication of Revachol.[1] It, alongside the other warships who participated in Operation Death Blow, is anchored over the Bay of Revachol.[2] Its weaponry is capable of shelling the city in 58 seconds should it ever dissent from Moralist International rule,[3] as well as prepared to shoot down any unidentified aircraft that approach it.[4]

Coalition Warship Archer Second Signaller[ | ]

Elena,[5] named in game as simply "Coalition Warship Archer", is the aerostatic's second signaller.[6] She is contacted by Harry Du Bois while he is trying to form the Committee of Responsibility for Revachol.

References[ | ]

  1. TRANT HEIDELSTAM – "A very astute question! You see, in addition to its role as a military warship, the Archer is also responsible for coordinating all Coalition communications and surveillance operations in Revachol."

  2. VISUAL CALCULUS – They massed airships further down, in the bay of Revachol. The artillery was so powerful, the ships not only required gyroscopic stabilization -- they were anchored into the ocean floor as well.

    VISUAL CALCULUS – Many are still there to this day. If you squint, you can just barely see the shadow on the water, far in the northeast. Cannons still ready to placate Revachol.

  3. ENCYCLOPEDIA [Medium: Success] – Coalition Warship Archer can shoot fifty shells a minute, on twenty co-aligned arches. They will reach the city in 58 seconds.

  4. TRANT HEIDELSTAM – "Well, I suppose you could rent a private aerostatic and attempt to rendezvous with Archer directly, but I must caution against it. Warships like the Archer are usually authorised to fire on unidentified aerostatics on sight."

  5. YOU – "You're an Elena, aren't you?"

    COALITION WARSHIP ARCHER – A moment of stunned silence. "How did you know that?"

  6. COALITION WARSHIP ARCHER – "No, the captain of the Archer is deeply classified intelligence. We are the second signaller."