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The Coalition of Nations is an alliance of Graad and the nations of Sur-la-Clef, Messina, and Oranje against the Revolution in Revachol. The Coalition was ultimately successful in conquering Revachol and establishing control over its economic bounty. The city came under Coalition occupation as a Special Administrative Region, divided into zones controlled the Coalition's member states from INSURCOM: the Insulindian mission command. INSURCOM is the theater command for the combined armies of Occident and Graad, with Mesque volunteers. To police the population the Revachol Citizens Militia was founded. INSURCOM made sure that the free market capitalism imposed by the foreign powers persisted, and enabled the opening of the local job market to large numbers of cheap foreign workers, allowing the rich to make a killer profit. In the meantime, the poor were crushed beneath the heels of foreign occupiers and much of Revachol - especially districts like Martinaise - was left to rot, with no meaningful restoration or rebuilding attempts.[1]

Things got better after the dark years of rebuilding in the Twenties and the division of the city into zones de contrôle under foreign nations: the Mesque Zone, the Occident-Graad zone, and the International zone. The International Zone is west of the river.[2] The Thirties saw a global economic boom that helped the entire city recover.[1]

Though many perceive the Coalition as a monolithic politico-millitary entity, it is actually composed of many semi-autonomous institutions.[3] These include INSURCOM, a former military coordinator which now handles logistics,[4] the Bank of the World, which works for the interests of the Coalition's economic control, alongside the Moralist International's Institute of Price Stabilité,[5] the Provisional Commission, which manages contingency spreads and Revachol's transition into autonomous democracy,[6] and the Institute for Revacholian Culture, based on Le Jardin,[7] which encourages artistic exchange between Revachol and the nations of the Reál Belt.[8]

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