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The Coastal Shack, also known as Harrier Du Bois' Second Home is a location in Disco Elysium. It is located in the Fishing Village, and can be accessed on Day 3+ after receiving the key from the Washerwoman.

Background[ | ]

Prior to Harry's arrival in Martinaise, the Washerwoman allowed Ruby to stay whenever she was in trouble, or looking for solitude.[1]

Involvement[ | ]

After the water lock has been fixed and Harry gains access to the fishing village on Day 3+, the coastal shack can be stayed in free of charge. The key must be obtained from the Washerwoman, who is situated just outside the door, and is awake at all hours. If Harry accepts and stays the night in the shack, Kim Kitsuragi will meet him outside the shack each morning, rather than on the main floor of the Whirling-In-Rags.

If Harry does not return to Jamrock and his job at Precinct 41 at the end of the game, he will instead remain in Martinaise and live in the shack.

Points of Interest[ | ]

Checks[ | ]

  1. Encyclopedia: Formidable 13
    (White Check)
    • +1 Heard about the band OO.
    • +1 Joyce told you about The New.
  2. Electrochemistry: Impossible 18
    (White Check)
    • +2 Know the origin
    • +2 No more steam.
    • +4 Recited the poem, Tommy
    • +1 Standard Wirrâl die.
    • +1 Shaved.
    • +1 Ruby killed herself.
  3. Endurance:
    (White Check)
    • +2 Stopped obsessing over sexuality.
    • +1 Read about devil women.
    • +1 Self-proclaimed authoritarian.
    • +1 Been working out
    • -1 Moustache gave you strength.
    • -1 Contemptibly apologetic.
    • -1 Actively obsessing about sexuality.
    • +1 Dresscode: True man.
    • +2 Dresscode: Potent symbol.
    • +2 Advanced race theory.

References[ | ]

  1. WASHERWOMAN – “Yes, I let my room to that Ruby girl…” She speaks slowly, wringing out a rag, after a long silence. Her hands move into the water bucket. Some water sloshes over the edge.

    WASHERWOMAN – "As I've done before when she's been in trouble, or just looking for solitude. I've made it clear -- we welcome all kinds of people here."