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Composure is a Motorics skill in Disco Elysium. Straighten your back. Keep your poker face.

Cool for: Card Players, Military Fetishists, Cool People

Composure wants you to not crack: or, at least, it wants you to not crack in front of other people. It enables you to put up a strong front. It keeps your emotions hidden from the world and helps you to read the body language of others – to sense the cracks in their own composure. As well, it keeps you looking good while you do it. You’ll rock that disco outfit a lot more if you don’t slouch.

At high levels, Composure makes you tuck your gut in and maintain a stern expression. Even lying in bed late night when no one else can see you, you’ll have to keep it up. You’ll never be able to stop. With low Composure, though, you’ll always be the first to crack. Every cop’s got a point when all that fear and rage comes spilling out – and the ones who unleash it doesn’t stay on the force much longer. Perhaps worse still, you won’t even make the ranks of the Fashion Police.


Clothing bonuses[]

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