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Conceptualization is an Intellect skill in Disco Elysium. Understand creativity. See Art in the world.

Cool for: Creatives, Psychedelic Fanciers, Critics.

Conceptualization has a special role it wants you to play in this world – not the role of cop, but of Art Cop. It enables you to make fresh associations, to delve into world-concepts from Jan Kaarp’s postmodernist karperie, to Revachol’s arabesque architectural style dideridada, and even the concept of HARDCORE – and then, importantly, to add your own contribution to these works.

At high levels, Conceptualization makes you go big – perhaps too big. It is ostentatious, demanding grand displays. Why live life when you can throw yourself into a live volcano? At low levels, however, you will be unable to see the world in a creative light. You’ll be unable to contribute to conversations in an art gallery. Only boring people will invite you to their dust parties.


Clothing bonuses[]

Thought bonuses[]