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Copotypes are a game mechanic in Disco Elysium.

Dialogue options chosen over the course of the game will shape Harry's copotype, affecting the way other characters describe him.

Copotypes[ | ]

There are 4 copotypes with points tracked in the journal, as well as honour points, counting for the "hidden" honour cop copotype. Earning 4 points in any given category will prompt a thought orb that (if accepted) gives Harry a corresponding thought. Whichever copotype is accepted first will be the primary copotype throughout the rest of the playthrough, but multiple copotype thoughts may be acquired and internalized.

Superstar Cop[ | ]

Choose dialogue that boasts about Harry's partying,[1] mentions disco,[2][3] refers to him as a superstar, talks about having fans,[4][5] or just generally act narcissistic[6][7] and self-obsessed.[8][9] After gaining 4 points, a Composure thought orb will appear and (if accepted) will afford the Some kind of Superstar thought.

Apocalypse Cop[ | ]

Choose dialogue that warns of a coming apocalypse,[10][11] mass extinction,[12] or hating the world.[13][14] After gaining 4 points, a Half Light thought orb will appear and (if accepted) will afford the Cop of the Apocalypse thought.

Sorry Cop[ | ]

Apologize whenever possible, and choose self-deprecating dialogue.[15][16][17] After gaining 4 points, a Suggestion thought orb will appear and (if accepted) will afford the Rigorous Self-Critique thought.

Boring Cop[ | ]

Choose boring,[18][19] responsible[20] dialogue options. Upholding the law in morally grey circumstances[21] will net points as well. After gaining 4 points, a Drama thought orb will appear and (if accepted) will afford the Regular Law Official thought.

Honour Cop[ | ]

Choose "honourable" dialogue options (like refusing to steal the boots from the corpse). After gaining 4 points, an Authority thought orb will appear and (if accepted) will afford the Overproductive Honour Glands thought.

Art Cop[ | ]

Choose "artist" dialogue options (like supporting Cindy the Skull). After gaining 4 points, a Conceptualization thought orb will appear and (if accepted) will afford the Actual Art Degree thought.

Hobocop[ | ]

After speaking to Garte, choosing the option to "live in a dumpster"[22] during the Encyclopedia thought orb will afford the Hobocop thought.

References[ | ]

  1. KLAASJE (MISS ORANJE DISCO DANCER) – "Then you started screaming and trashed the place."

    YOU – "That's so *me*. What did I do?"

  2. MEASUREHEAD – The man lands with a dull thump, like a broken down puppet of muscles and sinew. For a moment he still tries to keep his head up, dazed eyes looking at you with unimaginable surprise.... To your left is *The Button.*

    YOU – "Disco inferno!" (Press the button.)

  3. KIM KITSURAGI – "How are you?"

    YOU – "My... disco days are done."

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Your *disco days* should've been *done* quite a while back, lieutenant-yefreitor."

  4. NOID – "That's not the life that humans live. She was adored. Humans aren't. I don't know about you, but they *hate* me. And they do not think I'm *innocent*, or some shit like that."

    YOU – "I don't know what you're talking about. I have thousands of fans. I am surrounded by love and support all the time."

  5. KIM KITSURAGI – "Right, so let me get this right," the lieutenant turns to you, "you sold your sidearm, issued by the Citizens Militia, and now a civilian is running around the streets of Martinaise with it."

    YOU – "There is only one explanation. She must be one of my rabid fans."

  6. YOU – "So..." (Point to your face.) "I shaved."

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Yes, uhm..." The lieutenant stares at your shaven face, his eyes narrowed. "Uhhhh..." he mumbles. "I don't know what to say." He coughs. "Perhaps..."

    YOU – "I know, I know -- stunning, right?"

  7. GASTON MARTIN – "*Mon dieu*, you set it on fire!" He looks at the plaza. "What kind of a policeman are you?"

    YOU – "A beacon of light in the dull shores of mediocrity. You're welcome, Martinaise."

  8. YOU – "I love doing interviews, and people love *me*. They love bathing in my glory."

    KIM KITSURAGI – "I hope your confidence will translate into results, officer."

  9. NIX GOTTLIEB – "Yes, there's no end to the misfortunes fate has seen fit to rain upon me."

    YOU – "Good fortune, you mean good fortune, right? You're basking in the floodlight of my glory."

  10. YOU – "I wonder what this says about me? That I was sent by my station?"

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Hmm..." He raises an eyebrow, thinking it best to let you make the next move.

    YOU – "I must be an augury, an apocalyptic omen sent by my people. Can you guess my message?"


  11. YOU – "Okay, I get it. I wasn't a very good tenant."

    SYLVIE – "No, you really weren't. You were simply the worst."

    YOU – "I was trying to show you the world of tomorrow. The Great Panic at The End."

  12. JOYCE MESSIER – "Then tell me -- what do you *think* of the pale?"

    YOU – "It will end all life."

  13. NOID – He gives you a long, suspicious look. "Correct."

    LOGIC [Medium: Success] – He can't help but doubt your sincerity in this matter. There is no other way -- you are a police officer.

    YOU – (Look him straight in the eye:) "Shit, piss, cunts, dicks, f****ts! Fuck the World!"

  14. YOU – Where did the church go?


    YOU – I hate waking life. I hate this world. I hate and fear everything. All I want is to dance... Please god, just let me dance!

  15. YOU – "So..." (Point to your face.) "I shaved."

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Yes, uhm..." The lieutenant stares at your shaven face, his eyes narrowed. "Uhhhh..." he mumbles. "I don't know what to say." He coughs. "Perhaps..."

    YOU – "I knew I shouldn't shave! I knew it and still did it. What an idiot..."

  16. YOU – "There can only be one conclusion: I am the finest, a case-solving machine sent to outperform you in every way imaginable."

    KIM KITSURAGI – "A good joke."

    EMPATHY [Medium: Success] – He does not actually think it was a good joke.

    YOU – "Of course it's a joke, look at me! You have over a hundred cases solved, how could I compete with you?"

  17. YOU – "I was going for something cool, but I screwed it up, like always..."

  18. YOU – (Look at her) "You seem surprised that I made it."

    LILIENNE, THE NET PICKER – She chuckles. "Drinking men aren't known for keeping their appointments."

    YOU – "I'm actually quite good at *scheduling*."

  19. NOID – "Alright." The speedfreak dips into his belt pack and produces a yellow key. He then makes a sudden, cool-infused move, tossing it in your general direction.

    YOU – Let it fall to the ground, then pick it up. Like a normal adult person.

  20. CALL ME MAÑANA – He takes a swig from his flask, then offers you some.

    YOU – "I have no interest in drinking while on duty."

  21. YOU – "Look, Kim..." (Point to the photocopy.) "These people are going to have to move away because of the noise."

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Of course... I should have seen it." The lieutenant frowns as he reads over the document again.

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Evrart probably has eyes on us, but..." He pauses to think. "If the second signature were to be somehow *wrong*..."

    RHETORIC – He won't say it outright, but he's suggesting forgery.

    YOU – "You're suggesting..."

    KIM KITSURAGI – He purses his lips. "Forgery, yes. It would render the document invalid."

    YOU – "That's illegal. I expected more from you, Kim."

  22. YOU – I'll live in a dumpster, I don't care. Fuck everything. Hobocop.