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The Coupris 40 is a vehicle in Disco Elysium.

An older model of motor carriage than Coupris MotorCorp's Coupris Kineema,[1] the Coupris 40 is a vehicle favoured by working men,[2] including RCM lieutenant Harrier Du Bois and his partner at the 41st Precinct, Jean Vicquemare.

It is fitted with a KR18GU engine,[3] and notable for its skinny tyres[4] in comparison to other MCs such as the Linnea G22. The price is stated to be between 40,000[5] to 45,000.[6]

Involvement[ | ]

A central part of the Find the traffic hooligan task, it is eventually discovered that during Harry's three-day bender in Martinaise, he crashed his Coupris 40 into the wooden gate behind the Whirling-in-Rags, vaulted over the roof of Bird's Nest Roy's, made it across the waterlock (thanks to a Samaran butter sign), and ended up sunken into the sea ice just outside of the Fishing Village.

On Day 3+, Harry is able to investigate the wreck of his motor carriage and retrieve his RCM Commander's Jacket and RCM Badge.

Gallery[ | ]

  1. ENCYCLOPEDIA [Medium: Success] – This is a Coupris Kineema, the Coupris MotorCorp's follow-up to their highly successful workhorse, Coupris 40, and the answer to the LUM's racing-bred 'Fevre' series.

  2. ENCYCLOPEDIA [Easy: Success] – It's a Coupris Forty. A work horse of the motor park. Favoured by the working men, government offices, fire fighters I guess, maybe animal control people? You know. Those kinds of people.

  3. ENCYCLOPEDIA [Challenging: Success] – Man, that's got to be a major advancement over the KR18GU engine on the old Coupris 40.

  4. YOU – Why the Coupris 40?

    VISUAL CALCULUS – It's about the right size, and the tyre marks look like they came from the skinny tyres frequently found on that motor carriage.

  5. KIM KITSURAGI – "Well, not *cheaper*. This motor carriage costs 40,000 reál... but in the long run it stills makes more sense to buy a new machine than try to refurbish this."

  6. JEAN VICQUEMARE – "So *refreshing*. He just admits it. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for destroying 45,000 reál of police property that's coming out of *everyone's* payslip."