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The Coupris Kineema is a vehicle and interactable object in Disco Elysium.

Developed by the Coupris MotorCorp as a follow-up sports edition of the Coupris 40, and competition to LUM's racing-bred 'Fevre' series of motor carriages, the Kineema possesses a twelve cylinder, rear-mounted V12 engine and four speed manual gearbox, allowing it to reach 100 kilometres per hour in just 13.5 seconds, with a top speed of 180 kilometres per hour. Its high centre of balance is offset by a large battery bank mounted to the bottom of the cabin, preventing it from rolling when taking corners.[1]

The Kineema's engine is considered a major advancement over the KR18GU engine on the previous Forty model.[2]

Unlike the Coupris 40, which is the vehicle of choice for many government workers, the Kineema is stated to be an unusual choice for an officer of the RCM due to its high price. [3] It is implied to cost far more than the Forty, which is worth somewhere between 40,000[4] to 45,000.[5]

Involvement[ | ]

Kim Kitsuragi drives a specially modified Coupris Kineema found parked outside of the Whirling-in-Rags that may be interacted with as long as he is present. The vehicle will disappear from the map whenever Kim retires to his room for the night, or has left for the day to take the victim's body to processing, or make an arrest.

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References[ | ]

  1. ENCYCLOPEDIA [Medium: Success] – This is a Coupris Kineema, the Coupris MotorCorp's follow-up to their highly successful workhorse, Coupris 40, and the answer to the LUM's racing-bred 'Fevre' series.

    INTERFACING – With its air-cooled, rear-mounted twelve cylinder compression ignition engine driving the rear wheels through a four-speed manual gearbox, the Kineema is able to reach 100 kilometres per hour in 13.5 seconds. And go on to a top speed of 180 kilometres an hour.

    YOU – Won't it roll over in the first sharp corner?

    INTERFACING – The high centre of balance is offset by a large battery bank mounted at the bottom of the cabin, feeding all the auxiliary systems and making the Kineema effectively a mobile power plant.

  2. ENCYCLOPEDIA [Challenging: Success] – Man, that's got to be a major advancement over the KR18GU engine on the old Coupris 40.

    YOU – "It must be an advancement of the KR18GU engine on the older *Forty* models, right?"

    KIM KITSURAGI – "Yeah, you know it?" The lieutenant seems surprised.

    YOU – "Just the basics. Cast-iron block, swirl-chamber-injection, dual-chains driving overhead camshafts, two valves per cylinder, hydraulic valve lash adjustment..."

  3. INTERFACING – Due to a quite steep price tag it is very unusual to see one in police livery.

  4. KIM KITSURAGI – "Well, not *cheaper*. This motor carriage costs 40,000 reál... but in the long run it stills makes more sense to buy a new machine than try to refurbish this."

  5. JEAN VICQUEMARE – "So *refreshing*. He just admits it. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for destroying 45,000 reál of police property that's coming out of *everyone's* payslip."