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Kim's Kineema, in the usual police livery.

Coupris Kineema is the Coupris MotorCorps follow-up to their highly successful workhorse, Coupris 40 and the answer to the LUM's racing-bred 'Fevre' series.[1] The Kineema is the next generation sports edition of the old 'Forty', which was a real work horse. Favoured by the police all over the Revachol.[2]

With its air-cooled, rear-mounted twelve cylinder compression ignition engine driving the rear wheels through a four speed manual gearbox the Kineema is able to reach 100 kph in 13.5 seconds. And go on to a top speed of 180 kilometres an hour. The high centre of balance is offset by a large battery bank mounted at the bottom of the cabin, feeding all the auxiliary systems and making the Kineema effectively a mobile power plant. Due to the price tag - 45 000 - it is very unusual to see one in police livery.[3]


Kim Kitsuragi's Kineema
  • This is your primary link with both precincts by way of the car radio. The pull-out toolbox allows you to take the prybar, chaincutters, and flashlight, while the headlights allow you to complete the Read the watermarks task once you recover the ledger.
  • Interfacing allows for 'talking' to Kim's car and receiving a hint that something went not so well with your own car.