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The Bookstore is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Officially named "Crime, Romance, and Biographies of Famous People," this shop is run by Plaisance and looks more than a little out of the ordinary in Martinaise. It sells a broad variety of books, including biographies of the rich and famous, a selection of fiction, and even board games. However, there's more to the bookstore than meets the eye, as it was set up in the main hall of the Doomed Commercial Area, with all the spookiness that entails.

Points of interest[ | ]

Outside[ | ]

Downstairs[ | ]

  • Plaisance presides over the bookstore here. After talking to her about her parenting, Annette will take up residence on a chair by the wall.
  • Mountain of Board Games: The game pile allows you to purchase Suzerainty and Wirrâl 3rd Edition Mega-Setting Supplements Module. Investigating informs you of books called "Welkin Compendium, Second Edition", a hardbound tome with intricate cover art "The Hunters of Katuak: Boreal Creature Compendium", and a choose-your-own-adventure gamebook titled "Tales of Wirrâl: Cavern of Velkraag". Other games mentioned include The Viticulturist, Archipelagos of Insulinde, and Raubritter (economic competition, as usual).
  • Man from Hjelmdall Series: The shelves to the southwest by the window allow you to purchase "Hjelmdallermann: The Man from Hjelmdall" and (after passing a white Pain Threshold 10 check) "The Man from Hjelmdall and the Devil Woman". Investigation suggests there are maybe a hundred Hjelmdallermann books with similar-sounding titles, as well as "The Trial of Death", a Pasternal combat game book set in the world of Hjelmdallermann.

Upstairs[ | ]

  • Shelf of Crime Novels: This bookcase contains a lot of Dick Mullen novels. Passing a white check (Reaction Speed - Medium 10) allows you to purchase "Dick Mullen and the Mistaken Identity".
  • Shelf of Biographies: On Plaisance's recommendation, you can buy "The Greatest Innocence". Other books on the shelf are "High Speed Love: the Tragic True Love Story of Jacob Irw and Alfie Deletraz" by Cecilia Averbrook, about the romance between two of the finest TipTop Tournée racers in history, and the biographies of an Occidental rockstar called the Antistar and the Revacholian radio personality Guillaume Bevy.
  • Map Wall: The board on the wall to the northeast has maps of Revachol, Martinaise and the Insulinde. You can buy the outdated Map of Martinaise or steal it.
  • Shelf of Paranormal Books: Passing a white check (Inland Empire - Medium 10) unlocks "Medicinal Purposes of the Pale" for purchase. Investigating tells you about "Wholeness, Unity, and Balance" by Matthias W. Dundas, a book of pseudoscientific cures for people without access to paid health services.

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