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CUNO – "Fuck does Cuno care?" The boy turns to you. (He doesn't care.)

Kuuno de Ruyter, more commonly referred to as Cuno, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Cuno is a foul-mouthed, speed-addicted youth first encountered throwing rocks at the hanged man's corpse. In response to his father's violence - who he lives with in the Capeside apartments up until just before the events of the game - Cuno developed a respect for brutality and power, as well as an infatuation with the RCM, seeking their validation[3] It may have also inspired him to abandon his "lame" legal name for his nickname "Cuno", a name reminiscent of a "primal" force or "rabid dog".[4][5] Having dropped out of school two years prior, Cuno now spends his days exploring the derelict city, vandalizing public property,[6] building up his shack, and selling FALN gear on the side. He also steals goods from the lorries.[7] Although he denies it repeatedly, Cuno enjoys reading the Man from Hjelmdall series.[8][9] He also listens to various radio stations,[10] including snuff radio.[11] Cuno knows a great deal about Martinaise and its inhabitants, and they know and dislike him, too. He has a crush on Lilienne.[12] Cuno addresses himself in third-person as a defense mechanism.[13]

Addiction[ | ]

Due to his father being a "major supplier" of narcotics[14] and his own addiction, Cuno already has a fair share of practical knowledge about drugs. He prefers "brain-boosting" drugs like amphetamine and nicotine[15] over hallucinogenic ones,[16] stating that he hates alcohol[17] and dislikes Pyrholidon.[18] He also regularly uses magnesium to reduce the drug's side effects. It is implied that he knew about the ravers drug lab operation to finance their nightclub and had contact with them.[19]

Cuno states that he uses drugs to keep his brain distracted and avoid coping with his emotions [20] and to be able to focus on his creative endeavours.[21] He mentions that he suffers from "combat trauma" from his father's abuse.[22]

Cunoesse[ | ]

He took Cunoesse in after he discovered her squatting in the closet near his apartment, and the two had been wreaking havoc together ever since. They have plans to leave Martinaise through the tunnel system beneath the city and live in the catacombs, also known as Le Royaume.[23][24] Gaining reputation with Cuno during the course of the game reveal his mixed feelings regarding his relationship with Cunoesse. On one hand, she is his only friend and "family" he has, and acts protective at the prospect of her being taken away by the police,[25] though he is also intimidated[26] by Cunoesse on account of her suspected homicide. [27]

Etymology[ | ]

An Encylopedia check reveals that "Kuuno" is an Oranjese name.[28]

Interactions[ | ]

  • Cuno is one of the more important characters in the investigation, and can provide a wealth of knowledge to you if you treat him right. Or you can just punch him in the face (red Physical Instrument Challenging check), but this will require making amends later on. Electing not to punch him after getting the option will, however, apply a negative modifier to a check and cause Cuno to see Harry as weak, making it much harder to earn his respect.
  • Instead of resorting to violence, the option to pass a Legendary Empathy check will reveal the root of his behaviour, and get on his good side. It's Cunoesse that keeps winding him up and driving a wedge between him and others. Passing the Empathy check allows you to try and separate she and Cuno.
  • The option to purchase a pair of FALN Modular Track Pants from Cuno is gained by asking about the victim's clothes, after finding them stuffed in the trash. He will give you a discount if you have passed the Legendary Empathy check mentioned previously.
  • Another option available at first interaction is taking him down a peg using Authority after a Challenging passive check to insult him, turning his insults on him (basically, by agreeing that yes, you want to fuck him). This will backfire (if your Volition intervenes) and confuses both Cuno and Kim, if present.
  • You can also get an easy +25 XP and kudos from Conceptualization, if you mention visiting his shack, seeing the pig's head, then saying:
    • YOU - "Cool pig-head. I liked it. I got one too, this one." (Point to your head.) "It's shit."
  • You may also gain Political alignment points by asking him about the mug from the trash and describing it (calling it racist nets Leftist points, "adequate" nets Fascist points, and quaint "Moralist" points).
  • Cuno also provides a way to enter the Capeside Apartments. Should you inquire about drugs, he'll send you off to acquire speed from his apartment, warning against his deadbeat father. This will begin the Split a 'kilo' with Cuno task.
  • If Cunoesse cries rape and Cuno joins in, and you do not step back, it will activate a Legendary Shivers passive check:
    • SHIVERS - Windows are being opened. On Rue Saint-Cispare, people are turning their heads. An elderly woman puts down her grocery bags in front of the Frittte store and listens. Somewhere behind her, the gates of the industrial harbour are raised.
    • SHIVERS - On the catwalk above the shipping containers, a broad-shouldered man jerks his head up. "That Cuno? Cop's getting killed out there." The tattooed mesque next to him smiles. "That's Cuno alright!"

Recruitment[ | ]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for the main story follow. (Skip)

Talking to him reveals that he broke up his "toxic" relationship with Cunoesse in the time between the tribunal and Harry regaining consciousness.[29] After Harry's dream in the Sea Fortress, Cuno consoles him by admitting that he also experiences nightmares about Cunoesse. [30][31]


Gallery[ | ]

References[ | ]

  1. CUNO – "The fuck you askin' Cuno for?" He seems annoyed somehow. "How would Cuno know? Cuno's fucking twelve!"

  2. PERCEPTION (SIGHT) [Medium: Success] – His little green eyes are fixed on yours.

  3. CUNO – "What?! Bitches dream of the 41st. Why you think Cuno's *in* this shit? Word is it's fucking violent. Your Captain Pryce dusted like... a thousand people."

  4. HALF LIGHT [Medium: Success] – Cuno... Primal. Violent.

  5. YOU – "Cuno? Sounds like something you'd call a rabid dog..."

    CUNO – "Yeah!" His eyes light up. "Think about it. Think about that rabid Cuno shit."

    EMPATHY [Medium: Success] – He seems glad someone understood what he was going for [...]

  6. COIN-OPERATED VIEWER – A thick layer of graffito covers the lenses -- you spell out the word "ONUC" written on the other side -- with N and C scribbled backwards.

  7. YOU – "What's going on with the traffic jam?"

    CUNO – "What do you mean, what's going on? This is good shit." He seems surprised. "You wouldn't believe the crap Cuno's getting from the trucks."

  8. YOU – "This is probably too lame for you, Cuno, but maybe you know someone..." (Hold out the *Hjelmdallerman* book.)

    CUNO – "Uh... Cuno doesn't fucking read!" He quickly glances at the fence. "Fucking book shit, fucks with your mind..." [...]

    CUNO – "Fine... Cuno's gonna take it off your fat ass. At least he's gonna make some paper off this shit..." He eagerly pockets the book. [...]

  9. CUNO – "Yeah. Yeah." He nods, sagely. "Man's hooked on the book. Gotta get his fix. Cuno's seen this shit before. Cuno's never getting hooked on that Hjelmdall shit..."

    ELECTROCHEMISTRY [Easy: Success] – He's probably already hooked on *that Hjelmdall shit*. A kid his age... that's the best Hjelmdall age.

  10. CUNO – "Oh, oh!" The kid gets excited. "Cuno knows this shit -- ballistics shit, Science Radio shit. Shows where the shot came from."

    CUNO – "Yeah, that shit is fucking famous on Channel 8. Cuno hears this shit."

  11. CUNO – "Yeah, Cuno plays on snuff radio. Fucks pigs. Live. Fucks their heads off." He ominously points to the shack. "Cuno's a cop killer."

  12. YOU – "You like Lilienne, don't you?"

    CUNO – "Wha-what?!" His face turns almost as red as his hair. "Are you fucking crazy, pig?! Cuno doesn't give two shits about that bird. Why do you even...?"

    SUGGESTION [Medium: Success] – Sounds like the kid has a soft spot for Lilienne.

  13. LOGIC [Medium: Success] – It's always *Cuno*, never *I*. Clearly the kid's using the third-person perspective as a shield.

    YOU – "Interesting... you refer to yourself in the third person to distance yourself from the situation?"

  14. CUNO – "Cuno gets it from his dad. Cuno and his dad are major suppliers!" His eyes bulge; their veins reach out like tree branches. "That's where Cuno gets his lightning on."

  15. YOU – "Let's rip some tar, Cuno." (Hold out the pack of cigarettes.)

    CUNO – "Okay, porkson..." He snatches it from your hand. "Tar keeps Cuno sharp, helps Cuno think. Cuno likes that brain-boost shit."

  16. CUNO – "Ah, Cuno's not into that hallucinogenic shit -- that's for pussies."

  17. YOU – "Here's a drink, kid. It's alcohol. This should make us friends." (Extend the bottle of liquor.)

    CUNO – "Stay the fuck away from Cuno! You smell like bum shit!" He backs away from you, wrinkling his nose. "Cuno's not a bum. Cuno doesn't touch that shit."

  18. YOU – "Check out this bizarre drug I found." (Show him the pyrholidon.)

    CUNO – "Not this *dreamer* shit again..." Cuno slaps his face. "Why do Cuno's bitches always try and bring Cuno that lame sha-la-la-la-bang shit? Cuno's not a fucking witch doctor!"

    CUNO – [...] "Cuno doesn't do that radioactive shit. Makes Cuno's dick fall off. Cuno's got a huge dick."

  19. CUNO – "If you wanna take a real blasto, go down the coast to the old church, where the speedfreaks hang."

    CUNO – "Tell 'em Cuno sent you. They'll know what it means."

  20. CUNO – "Being off speed makes Cuno sad. Makes Cuno *think* about shit." He makes vague gestures around his head with his fingers.

  21. YOU – "I have to ask -- what does the City of Locusts *mean*?"

    CUNO – "It don't mean anything. It's shit. Cuno just likes to focus. Cuno likes to concentrate on shit, build shit when he's zipping hard. Fuck..." He turns his burning face up to the falling rain.

  22. CUNO – "Look, pigs. Cuno gets it. You don't wanna talk about it. Close-quarters combat shit, Cuno doesn't wanna talk about it either..."

    CUNO – "Combat trauma shit," he adds after a few seconds of sombre silence.

    PAIN THRESHOLD [Medium: Success] – That room was so small. To be stuck in there with him... not an easy fight for a kid.

  23. YOU – "I looked around in there. It's not the easy life you've got going on in that apartment."

    CUNO – "The fuck do you know about Cuno's life? Cuno's got plans. Get the fuck out of here."

    CUNOESSE – "Yeah, we got plans."

    SHIVERS [Medium: Success] – Six metres underground, below piping from before the war -- the collapsed remains of the Martinaise storm drain system. There are two stolen flashlights with piles of batteries next to them, beside two bedrolls. In the dark, an opening into the lower tunnels...

  24. CUNO – "That's right, it's a shit hole. Cuno's gonna move underground. Le Royaume shit, ancient shit. Cuno's gonna live in a fucking catacomb."

  25. CUNO – "Listen! Listen!" He points to his eyes, then yours. "C is Cuno's go-to, Cuno's protecting her. You fuck with C, you fuck with Cuno. You threaten her, you threaten to take her away..."

    EMPATHY – This is what it all comes down to -- he needs you to take him seriously now.

  26. CUNO – "Fuckin' yeah. Cuno knows you don't want to face this right now. This dark shit. Cuno faces this shit every day -- makes Cuno's skin crawl."

    CUNO – "I knew you pigs were too naive for this shit. Good thing Cuno's got her under control. Cuno keeps her calm." He feels eyes on the back of his head -- and stops.

  27. CUNO – "Cuno means she killed someone. That's right, C's a killer." He stares at you intently. "Like, actually a killer."

  28. ENCYCLOPEDIA [Medium: Success] – Kuuno. That's an Oranjese name.

  29. YOU – "Where is Cunoesse?"

    CUNO – "That toxic shit's behind Cuno now."

  30. CUNO – "Cuno knows that shit. All the worst dreams are about bitches -- you wouldn't *believe* the shit Cuno sees about C..."

    EMPATHY [Medium: Success] – It's not good, this C in his dreams.

  31. YOU – "Where is Cunoesse?"

    CUNO – "Cuno doesn't want to talk about this shit." There is a moment of thoughtful silence. He almost looks behind him.

    COMPOSURE [Medium: Success] – That is a look of a man who knows he'll be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life.