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Cuno's shack is a location in Disco Elysium.


This is Cuno's little hideout. It grants access to the roof of the shack, the adjacent ruined building, and the top of the Harbour secretariat.

Points of interest[]

  • The shack can be accessed after developing rapport with Cuno or by interacting with the pile of asbestos leaning against the entrance and passing a Perception check (Medium 11). Accessing it that way is worth 5 XP. The interior is small and includes:
    • A little table with white powder on it, amphetamine. Your Electro-Chemistry will pipe up and you'll be able to ask about the Lieutenant's position on drug use (he will generally disdain it as below a detective's pay grade), but will point out the ladder to the top. Other than that you have 40 in a jug to the side, Cuno's "throne", and after you meet the cryptozoologists and inspect their traps, the insects Cuno stole.


  • Postcard Grand Couron '37: On the rooftop, in the collapsed building upper floor between Whirling and Frittte, in the bucket.