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Cunoesse "Vittulainen" is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

A vulgar ten year old child,[8] Cunoesse is a "companion" of Cuno, who found her sitting in a corner near the janitor's closet next to his apartment.[9]

After three days of watching her,[10] he left the door open for her to come inside,[11] later finding her huddled under his desk.[12] His father was too drunk to realize that Cunoesse was not Cuno.[13] The suspected reasoning behind Cunoesse's odd behaviour is revulsion shock, or "murder hangover" from killing another child.[14]

She habitually peppers her speech with profanities in both the common language and Suruese,[15] and is far more violent than even Cuno.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Cunoesse is met along with Cuno, behind the Whirling-in-Rags. While examining the body, she and Cuno will offer commentary throughout preliminary examination and the field autopsy (given that the body has not been moved).
  • When attempting to shoot down the hanged man's body, there is an option to point the gun at and potentially shoot and kill Cunoesse. This leads to a unique game over screen.
  • If an empathy check is passed, Harry discovers that Cunoesse is the one orchestrating the duo's antagonistic behaviour,[16] and will be able to separate Cuno from her for further questioning.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The surname "Vittulainen", which Cunoesse gives herself, is likely not her actual surname, as it translates to "vittu" (fuck/cunt) and "-lainen" (of/from) in Finnish, or the Suru language. Along with this, the terms which Cunoesse throws around, such as "vittupää" and "The Näkki" (which the player can naïvely remark as "Perhaps important somehow")[citation needed] roughly translate to "fuckhead" and "nudist" (Referring to the Näkki of Finnish mythology, a nude water spirit).
  • It can be inferred that Cunoesse comes from a Suruese background, as the Finnish she uses is identified in-game as the language of the Suru, an indigenous ethnic group from Katla.[15]

References[ | ]

  1. YOU – "Why's she called Cunoesse then?"

    CUNO – "Cos' she fucking looks like Cuno."

  2. Endings
  3. YOU – "You don't know her name?"

    CUNO – "No one knows her name. Cuno calls her C."

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  5. YOU – "Cuno, could she be Suruese?"

    CUNO – "Suruese, like that Man-From-Hjelmdall shit?" The kid lights up. "She could be... She could be that Hjelmdall shit."

  6. YOU – Do they have red-haired people there?

    ENCYCLOPEDIA – You mean evil little red-haired people like her? Yes, they do -- the Suruese have that ginger gene.

  7. CUNO – "Listen! Listen!" He points to his eyes, then yours. "C is Cuno's go-to, Cuno's protecting her. You fuck with C, you fuck with Cuno. You threaten her, you threaten to take her away..."

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  9. CUNO – "She was in the hallway, dripping wet." Cuno flinches, then lowers his voice even more. "By the fucking shoe rack. In the dark."

    VISUAL CALCULUS [Challenging: Success] – A shoe cupboard just off to the right? Have you been to this place?

    YOU – "That hallway there, with the janitor's closet?" (Point.)

    CUNO – "Yeah that's the place. She was just balled up near the closet. Psycho-style."

  10. CUNO – "Cuno's got no fucking idea. Her hair was all wet. I think she pissed on the floor too. She was there for three days -- in the corner. Every time Cuno went out."

  11. REACTION SPEED [Challenging: Success] – Someone left the door open? It was him. By accident or...

    EMPATHY – ...on purpose.

  12. CUNO – "I don't know... someone left the door open. Cuno comes home and she's sleeping under the desk, under a pile of clothes. Like a dog."

  13. CUNO – "Cuno's dad doesn't give a shit. Doesn't even see her there. Or thinks it's fucking Cuno..." He points at himself. "Shit's all on Cuno."

  14. ENDURANCE [Medium: Success] – You know this. The body goes into a kind of revulsion shock. Murder hangover. That's what it could've been.

    YOU – Murder hangover? From when she...

    ENDURANCE – ...killed a kid, yes. Makes them look for a quiet, dark place and just hibernate there. Usually goes on for a few days up to a week.

    HALF LIGHT [Easy: Success] – Must have been her first one. You only get it on the first one.

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    ENCYCLOPEDIA [Challenging: Success] – It's Suruese. The Suru are an indigenous ethnic minority in the social democratic powerhouse Vaasa, on the tundra and taiga covered isola of Katla. Far, far away from here -- as far as possible, really.

  16. EMPATHY – It's not Cuno. It's Cunoesse.

    YOU – Interesting. How?

    EMPATHY – Cunoesse is by far the worst of the two. Cuno has no problem being near you, but the other hides behind the fence, afraid for her life, like she's *done* something. Something very bad.

    EMPATHY – She came up with that psychopathic scheme of screaming for help before. Cuno just wanted to talk to you about his name. Cunoesse was the one who wound him up and directed him.