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Detective Costeau is a thought in Disco Elysium.



Detective Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau -- when you say it, it feels like you're taking a bite of lemon meringue while sitting on the terrace of a seaside cafe. On a cool summer day. In Sur-La-Clef. It's everything you're *not*. You haven't created many things during your stay in Martinaise, but you've created this. A fancy, sophisticated name that makes you sound intelligent. And that no one seems to *acknowledge*. Don't you feel like you deserve a reward for coming up with something so special? And what would that reward *be*?


Monsieur Costeau, the reward for coming up with your classy new name has arrived. What are the attributes Detective Costeau should gain in? *Obviously* Savoir Faire and Esprit de Corps. You know *exactly* what they do and what those words mean. They're *refined*. Like *you*. You have a ton of that fancy stuff. And if the world can't accept Raphaël Ambrosius is your name -- you will always be Detective Costeau to yourself. R.A. Costeau -- sophisticated culture-detective. Specializes in ancient things and art.


Requires 2h 30m research time


  • Continue to refer to yourself as Detective Costeau (Requires failing a Conceptualization check when you first meet Kim), and refuse your legal name once it's learned.
  • Identify yourself as Detective Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau when first meeting Garte with Kim.
  • When learning about the case files in the ledger, Refuse the Initials HDB and claim they are meant to read RAC. Ignore logics attempts to persuade you otherwise.
  • The thought will be gained when reading "THE UNSOLVABLE CASE" after Logic asks if Harry sounds like a "Detective Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau" regardless of the option chosen.