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Detective costeau

Detective Costeau is a thought in Disco Elysium.

Description[ | ]

Problem[ | ]

Detective Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau -- when you say it, it feels like you're taking a bite of lemon meringue while sitting on the terrace of a seaside cafe. On a cool summer day. In Sur-La-Clef. It's everything you're *not*. You haven't created many things during your stay in Martinaise, but you've created this. A fancy, sophisticated name that makes you sound intelligent. And that no one seems to *acknowledge*. Don't you feel like you deserve a reward for coming up with something so special? And what would that reward *be*?

Solution[ | ]

Monsieur Costeau, the reward for coming up with your classy new name has arrived. What are the attributes Detective Costeau should gain in? *Obviously* Savoir Faire and Esprit de Corps. You know *exactly* what they do and what those words mean. They're *refined*. Like *you*. You have a ton of that fancy stuff. And if the world can't accept Raphaël Ambrosius is your name -- you will always be Detective Costeau to yourself. R.A. Costeau -- sophisticated culture-detective. Specializes in ancient things and art.

Effects[ | ]

Requires 2h 30m research time

Location[ | ]

  • Harry must introduce himself as Detective Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau when he first meets Kim (requires failing a Conceptualization check when asked for name)
  • Harry must then open Damaged Ledger and inspect the white pages after which Harry will contemplate what HDB means. Logic says these are Harry's initials, but Harry must insist on his name being "Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau"
  • The thought may then be gained when reading "THE UNSOLVABLE CASE", after which Logic asks Harry if that sounds like something a "Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau" would do and Harry answers "Yes, for the final time".

After this the thought is gained and Harry is still able to learn his correct name from Evrart Claire or from RCM Badge LTN-2JFR DU BOIS and does not have to refer to himself as Costeau for the rest of the playthrough, but can.