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Dick Mullen is a character in a series of crime fiction novels.

Background[ | ]

An upstanding Vespertine detective who would never lose his badge,[1] Mullen solves cases including robberies, murders, and even sexual crimes in his books. Plaisance describes them as being able to "teach a person how to be a proper detective." In reality, the books greatly exaggerate how exciting police work really is. Mullen, in several books, fakes his own death to solve a case. His most extreme act, however, is when, in order to catch a murderer, Dick Mullen must *become* the murderer.

Books[ | ]

  • Dick Mullen on the Job
  • Get Me Mullen!
  • The Stalwart Adventures of Richard P. Mullen
  • Dick Mullen and the Murder in the Orchard
  • The Sordid Affair of Dick Mullen
  • A Killing Is Declared
  • Dick Mullen in the Murderhouse
  • The Final Case of Dick Mullen
  • Dick Mullen in the Clock Tower
  • The Ordeals of Dick Mullen
  • Dauntless Dick
  • Dick Mullen's Funeral Pyre
  • The Murder of Dick Mullen
  • The Dame Who Did It
  • Farewell, My Mullen
  • The Morbid Tales of Dick Mullen
  • A Dark Tide Turns
  • Tragedy Calls for Dick Mullen
  • Dick Mullen: The Murderer
  • Dick Mullen and the Mistaken Identity

Trivia[ | ]

  • Dick Mullen's primary weapon is a .45 firearm.[2]
  • Dick Mullen likely gets his name from Comedian and Podcaster Nick Mullen

Behind the scenes[ | ]

Mullen's name is likely a reference to Nick Mullen, a New York-based comedian and co-host of the podcast Cum Town. Mullen has appeared on Chapo Trap House, another podcast that has several of its hosts voice characters in the original version of Disco Elysium. Additionally, Adam Friedland, another host of Cum Town, is the ex-fiancé of Dasha Nekrasova, who voiced Klaasje in the original version of the game.

References[ | ]

  1. Chester McLaine: "Who lost his badge?"
    Jean Vicquemare: "Dick fucking Mullen, who do you think?"
    Chester McLaine: "It's officer Dick Mullen from the bestseller 'Dick Mullen and the Lost Identity,'" he says fighting off laughter.
    Encyclopedia: "Dick Mullen is *not* your name. It's the name of a *fictional* detective who would *not* lose his badge."
  2. Titus Hardie: "Look, coppers." Titus opens up his vest, revealing a holstered firearm. "I know you think you're doing your job here, but there are *seven* of us and two of you."
    Hand-Eye Coordination: "That's an Ister 50. A Zsiemsk-made monstrosity. It'll blow your head clean off."
    Encyclopedia: "All mighty god! Even Dick Mullen only has a .45!"