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Disco Elysium is an isometric role-playing game first released in October 2019, later rereleased as a free update as Disco Elysium - The Final Cut in March 2021.

Synopsis[ | ]

Setting[ | ]

The world of Elysium was created for use in a pen & paper tabletop RPG spanning several campaigns, as well as lead writer and designer Robert Kurvitz's novel, The Sacred and Terrible Air, set after the events of Disco Elysium.[1]

Disco Elysium is set in the district of Martinaise, and in terminal B of the Greater Revachol Industrial Harbour, both located in West Revachol.

Plot[ | ]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for the main story follow. (Skip)

Harrier Du Bois, a detective with Precinct 41 of the Revachol Citizens Militia, wakes with no memory of his life or the world around him. He and his temporary partner from Precinct 57, Lieutenant Kim Kitsuragi, solve the murder of The Hanged Man and many smaller Tasks along the way.


Features[ | ]

  • A massive, open-ended case you can solve however you choose.
  • An utterly unique urban fantasy setting where bell-bottoms meet muzzle-loaders.
  • Set-piece combat sequences you can avoid or dive into at your peril.
  • Develop your own cop persona with 24 colourful skills.
  • Ditch your cop uniform for real disco threads to impress, intimidate, or seduce.
  • An inventory for your thoughts where you can research clues and then put them to use in the game.
  • Original score by the British rock band, Sea Power.

Releases[ | ]

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut[ | ]

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut is the definitive edition to the standard Disco Elysium experience. The Final Cut was released on March 30th 2021 as a free upgrade to the original game.

  • Free upgrade for all players
  • New Political Vision Quests
  • New Characters
  • New Clothes
  • New Cutscenes
  • Full Voice Acting
  • An additional 150,000+ words
  • Full Controller Support

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut: Collector's Edition[ | ]

The Collector's Edition comes with several collectibles, including a premium unfolding box, an illustrated, two-sided fabric map of the district of Martinaise, an art book, ‘Mind Totem’ resin sculpture, as well as a physical edition of the game for Playstation 5 inside a slipcase.

Soundtrack[ | ]

Disco Elysium's soundtrack features twenty-eight tracks from the British rock band, Sea Power. It was given a limited physical release via iam8bit on CD and vinyl, with the latter having a second limited edition origami variant cover.

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Backgrounds[ | ]

Behind the Scenes[ | ]

During development, the name of the game was No Truce With The Furies.[2][3]

References[ | ]

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