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Dockworker id card

An identification card issued to Union members.

The Dockerworker's Union, also known as the Débardeurs' Union,[1] is an organization in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

The Dockworkers' Union is a workers' union in Martinaise, Revachol, led by Evrart Claire and representing the dockworkers at Terminal B of the Greater Revachol Industrial Harbor (GRIH). It was founded in '31, despite the obstructionism of the Coalition and its Emergency Act, representing a tremendous achievement for the workers. It launched three major strikes since, winning significant concessions in the first two: Overtime pay and a medical plan provided by The Wild Pines Group.

The third, started in December '50,[2] was much more ambitious, demanding seats on the board of the principal operator of the harbor. The movement, characterized by demands the company considered "nonsensical",[3] attracted attention throughout Revachol.[4] To provide for the striking workers, the Union collected money from local businesses to fund food and other necessities for the duration of the strike.[5] However, Joyce Messier, the Wild Pines company rep, claimed that the real source of funding was coming from the Union's drug trade.[6]

After two months[7] of striking without changing their demands, Wild Pines removed their original negotiator, Mr. Gaumont, following a total cut on communications with the union boss.[8] Joyce Messier, one of the company's most trusted members,[9] was then sent to Martinaise alongside a "security detail".[10] The group, which consisted of highly-trained corporate mercenaries from the Private Military Contractor Krenel,[11] only served to escalate tensions between the dockworkers and the company once squad-leader Ellis Kortenaer began frequenting the Whirling-in-Rags every night, sexually harassing patrons and starting fights.[12][13]

Unknown to Wild Pines, the Union was prepared for this turn of events, with Evrart's special task force keeping Joyce under close surveillance ever since her arrival.[14] Knowing that the usage of a PMC would put public opinion on the side of the Union,[15] Evrart Claire hoped to orchestrate a takeover of the harbour,[16] turning Terminal B into a Union-owned independent venture. Through backchannel negotiations with all the major clients of the GRIH, the Union would step in with competitive contracts to replace the Wild Pines service, and renewed zeal from communal ownership would ensure improved turnaround times. This new operation would also be able to recover any lost contracts through "bulk chemical shipping" (drugs),[17] previously not permitted by Wild Pines,[18] as well as enlisting the aid of all the unions in Revachol.[19]

Legal and illegal activities[ | ]

Commonly considered to be the de facto law of Martinaise,[20] the Union operates in disputed territory between Precincts 41 and 57, both of which try to shift responsibility for policing the area to the other.[21]

The Union's involvement in the Martinaise drug trade is considered an open secret,[22] even to the harbour's owners,[23] with raw materials being brought in through the terminal from suppliers in Samara[24] and taken to labs in Jamrock Quarter.[25]

Tactics[ | ]

The Union, often compared to a crime syndicate,[26][27] acts as the ruling body of Martinaise due to both Revachol's hands-off government under the Coalition's Zone of Control,[28] and the lack of policing performed in the region by either Precinct 41 or 57.[21] Because of this, they have adopted a series of tactics to maintain order in the region. This includes the employment of the Hardie Boys as an informal police force to solve disputes, resolve problems, and combat organized crime,[29] as well as the use of strikes against the Wild Pines Group to improve quality of life and workplace legislation for the dockworkers.[30]

Under the surface, however, the Union has been known for its less scrupulous actions. Already having established itself under significant restrictions due to the Wayfarer Act,[31] the Débardeurs became as they are following the Claire brothers' domination of the foreman elections in the '30s. Having assassinated the previous forewoman, Tiphaine Holly, with help from Iosef Lillianovich Dros,[32][33] the twins became the only foremen to ever be elected since, switching positions once the other's term limit is up.[34] The brothers are also accused of embezzlement,[35] and their corruption is well-known even within the Union itself,[36] though most dockworkers do not seem to have a problem with it.[37]

By the time of Evrart's term in '51, he arranged for several projects and reforms, preparing for the terminal's takeover. These measures include spiking the strikers' brew with alcohol to improve their morale, blocking access to the harbour gates with the help of Measurehead,[38] having an RCM officer intimidate a critic of the Union, building workers' residences along the roundabout,[39] and a community center along the bay. In certain situations, Evrart will also employ the help of his special task force, such as when tracking down a lost gun.[40][41] Finally, Evrart is also highly capable of playing situations to his (and the Union's) advantage, as shown when he manipulates Harrier Du Bois into purposefully revealing the Union's plans to Wild Pines, making it so that the company willingly surrenders Terminal B to the Union,[42][43] rather than sending in more armed mercenaries.[44]

Politics[ | ]

Although the Union is considered a social-democratic organization,[45][46] or occasionally referred to as socialist-democratic,[47] the personal politics of its members are varied and unconstrained, including communists, social-democrats,[48] a Semenese supremacist and an individualist boiadeiro.[49] The Union is also admired by the infra-materialist reading group (Steban and Ulixes), who respect Claire's efforts in spite of their ideological differences.[50] At the same time, it attracts criticism from fascists such as the Racist lorry driver, who claims they are "full of Madre peones"[51] and work for the interests of the rich.[52] Iosef Lillianovich Dros despises the Union, seeing it as a "true enemy of the proletariat" that placates the masses,[53] and a failure of Martinaise to rise against the material hegemony.[54]

Known members[ | ]

There's a total of 2,373 Union members in Martinaise.[55] This includes:

The Union is also known to employ non-members to perform specific jobs, such as René Arnoux, who stands vigil at a night-watch booth,[57] and Gaston Martin, who writes editorials for the Martinaise papers.[58][59]

References[ | ]

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