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Dolorian Church of Humanity in Martinaise is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Built three-hundred and twenty years ago, the Dolorian Church of Humanity in Martinaise was one of the first constructions created by settlers, as shelter from the terror of solitude on the colonial frontier. The church was erected by the Ubi Sunt? herdsmen who came in on the first boats, straight from the Mundi isola, and originally part of a network of seven churches in Martinaise, but by '51, only one remains. The rest were destroyed in one way or another.

The Church was apparently built around a hole into the pale, high above in the rafters, or within the church tower. It was used for irregular services dedicated to Dolores Dei, but was entirely abandoned after a botched police raid that shot up the building - all thanks to Harrier Du Bois and his leadership of Precinct 41.

Points of interest[ | ]

  • Entering the church offers an Interfacing White check, allowing you to peel the sticker off without ripping it. You can add it to your ledger then, completing the Style your paperwork secret task.
  • Inside the Church is Soona Luukanen-Kilde's workspace, focusing on the pale. You can use the Rehm Prefect RC7024 radiocomputer (with a Feld mainframe and a Rehm-compatible Interim printer)
  • Standing in the lower-right center of the nave will produce a Motorics orb. Click on it and pass a Red Perception check to make Tiago appear.
  • on the ice shelf northeast of the Church, Endurance can chime in and remark on seagulls as survivors, comparing them to Harry and his history. Embracing the seagull nets +1 Health and +1 Morale.

Loot[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

The church's stained glass window bears a strong resemblance to depictions of "The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ", a popular subject of Christian artworks including stained glass windows.

Gallery[ | ]