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Doomed Commercial Area is a location in Disco Elysium.


Standing right next to the Whirling-in-Rags (and in fact its sibling, Building A to its Building B), the Doomed Commercial Area at Rue-Saint-Ghislane 8b was formerly known as the East Delta Commercial Center. It has housed many businesses, including Andro-Orlando Hair SCA, a hairdresser, ARTEMITEP boxing gym, 24h Window replacement service, Emma's Fashion Atelier, Fabron's Taxi, Slipstream SCA, Fortress Accident SCA, and the Revachol Ice City. One by one, these businesses folded, due to an unspecified malaise affecting the building - or was it simply the brutal market and capitalism playing its role?

Points of interest[]

  • Initially inaccessible, the Doomed Commercial Area's only interactive part is the intercom at the main entrance. Most of the buttons will be dead, but once you hit the one for Slipstream SCA, you will be answered by a voice from Tricentennial Electrics, a woman who will eventually hang up on you. You can call her again after passing a Volition check (Challenging 12), to eventually realize that it is a recording meant for a man named Michel. Kim will chime in and remark it's just a recording trapped in the wiring.
  • Calling Main Hall will put you briefly in touch with Plaisance. 24h Window will connect with the automated message for the 24h Window Company.
  • Available after passing through the Bookstore and the locked door (talk to Plaisance or use Physical Instrument), the interior is a winding mass of office spaces. Harry lands at the gym initially, with a shotput ball and a large barbell with 60 kg on it. It offers a Legendary 14 White check for Physical Instrument, to show the world what a beast you are (and idiot, since it has no collars, and that's a big no-no in a gym). Managing to lift it will bring a note of approval out of Kim and dredge up a figment of Harry's memory.
  • To explore the rest of the building Harry needs the Flashlight equipped. The corridors are linear, leading through a mostly blocked corridor (Window Repair 24H), through a stuffing service, to Emma's Atelier, which shared a space with Fortress Accident. The Production Schedule Filament Memory is in the lower left-hand room of the atelier, in the desk. It can be immediately inserted into the radiocomputer in the main room.
  • The main room also has a chalkboard covered in scribbles for Fortress' game design. Interacting with it allows you to meet Vaarahamira, a high welkin and a supremacist, promising the purge of the huldur, humans, dweorg, and headless men, and other conceptual elements for Wirral Untethered, a game about a heat death scenario. Apart from providing metacommentary on game development (and ZA/UM, we bet), it will also allow various passive checks, including the revelation that Minime (mini-meetings) were attempted by Station 41 as a general management reorganization and implementation of RUN framework - it failed.
  • At the end, it will suggest putting the Prod. Schedule filament in the nearby radiocomputer (a Rehm Civic model RC5120, with a Feld mainframe and a Rehm-compatible printer, an expensive model just dumped here). Interacting with it gives the chance to crack open a filament - once you find the password. The door by the fireplace leads to the basement.
    • Interacting with the chalkboard and the scribbles on the fireplace gives an unique talk with Kim (though frankly, they're all unique).
  • The basement is smaller to explore. The main area has the taxidermied ice bear/fridge. Opening it allows you to procure the Handwritten Note from the Fridge and find a spot to put the late mercenary on ice for future inspection.
  • Down the southern passage is a small, hidden pathway off to the side, which is an arms cache dating back to the revolution. Interact with the wall to find an Antique Belle-Magrave Rifle. Not the murder weapon, but an old, elegant rifle that can be traded in.
  • Further along is the ice cream maker, a breaker box that allows for unplugging both the maker and the bear, and a desk with the Insane Mesh Tank Top.