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Doomed Commercial Area is a location in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Standing right next to the Whirling-in-Rags (and in fact its sibling, Building A to its Building B), the Doomed Commercial Area at Rue-Saint-Ghislaine 8b was formerly known as the East Delta Commercial Center, erected years ago after tearing down an old coal power plant belonging to Tricentennial Electrics. Only the smokestack survived, repurposed as the heating furnace's chimney.

It housed many businesses over the years, including Andro-Orlando Hair SCA, a hairdresser, ARTEMITEP boxing gym, 24h Window replacement service, Emma's Fashion Atelier, Fabron's Taxi, Slipstream SCA, Fortress Accident SCA, Revachol Ice City, and the Novelty Dicemaker. The Whirling-in-Rags is in fact a part of the Doomed Commercial Area as well, as it is listed on the intercom outside the back door of the main building.

Points of Interest[ | ]

  • Initially inaccessible, the Doomed Commercial Area's only interactive part is the intercom at the main entrance. Most of the buttons are dead, but once Slipstream SCA has been called, a voice from Tricentennial Electrics will answer. Harry may choose to call her again after passing a Volition check (Challenging 12), to eventually realize that it is a recording. Kim will chime in and remark it's just a recording trapped in the wiring, though it is implied that this is caused by entroponetic interference as a result of the 2mm hole in the Church.
  • Calling the Main Hall will briefly put Harry in touch with Plaisance. 24h Window will connect with the automated message for the 24h Window Company.
  • After passing through the locked door at the back of the Bookstore, Harry is able to explore the rest of the building.
  • Immediately inside the door is a gym, and a Shotput Ball which may be used to replace the lost boule for René Arnoux and Gaston Martin.
  • To explore the rest of the building, Harry must have a Flashlight, which can either be borrowed from Kim's Coupris Kineema's toolbox or found to the right of the doorway after exiting the gym. A Production Schedule Filament Memory can be found in the lower left-hand room of the atelier, in the desk, and can be inserted into the radiocomputer in the main room. Interacting with it gives the chance to crack open a filament - given that Harry knows the password.
  • The corridor to the side of the main room leads to a shuttered security curtain, and a dead end. If Harry yells into the furnace in the basement, he may convince Neha to open it, leading into the chimney where she has set up her shop. On a shelf near the chimney is the Postcard La Delta '51.
  • Opening the ice bear fridge in the basement will produce the Handwritten Note from the Fridge and allow completion of the Fridge victim's body task.
  • Down the southern passage is a small, hidden arms cache. Inspecting the wall will allow either Harry or Kim to discover the Antique Belle-Magrave Rifle.
  • Further along is the ice cream maker, a breaker box that allows for unplugging both the ice cream maker and the fridge, and a desk with the Insane Mesh Tank Top inside of it. Defrosting the ice cream maker and prying it open with the Kvalsund KR+2 Multi-Tool will produce the off-site copy of the production filament that Soona Luukanen-Kilde requires for the Help Soona with her project task.