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Dora Ingerlund is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

NOTE: The information presented in this article is reflective of what is mentioned in the game. However, Harry, an unreliable narrator, may be misremembering or misinterpreting Dora's actions. Moreover, Dora is merged with Dolores Dei in Harry's mind.

Dora Ingerlund is Harrier Du Bois's former fiancée, personified as Dolores Dei in his mind in-game. She is blonde[2] and has light blue, flecked with green, eyes.[3] While in Revachol, Dora taught at the Académie des Arts, far east of the Esperance. While in Mirova, she works in an unnamed "Academy."[4] She is from a middle class family.[5]

Relationship with Harrier Du Bois[ | ]

The exact timeframe of their relationship is unknown, but it is implied that Dora was in a relationship with Harry before he was a police officer.[6] Harry has served in the RCM for 18 years.[7] Dora left six years ago.[8] Therefore, their relationship likely lasted for over twelve years. They were never married[9] but were engaged.[10]

Dora first met Harry by the Voyager Road stop of streetcar no.42.[11] It is implied that this was her first sexual relationship.[12] For a period of time, the two of them lived in 11 Voyager Road, a "matchbox" house; located down Main, to Perdition, in a side alley.[13] It was by a lake formed when a main water pipe burst in the Twenties.[10] They were poor. Sometimes, they could not afford electricity, and they relied on Dora's parents' money. Harry's training for the RCM also took a toll on their finances.[6] They used to rent videos from Video Revachol, down the street.[14] At some point, Dora aborted Harry's child or lost the pregnancy.[15]

Their partnership started to fray as Harry worked for the RCM. Depending on Harry's skills at that point in the game, what she says pushed her away changes. However, she always expresses frustration at Harry's inability to "talk like a normal person" or how "sad" he got.[16] It is implied that his low income was a factor as well, though this could just as easily be Harry projecting his own feelings of inadequacy over their poverty onto her.[17][15]

In '45, she packed her bags and moved to Mirova, which is in Graad.[18]

Interactions[ | ]

  • Harry can interact with a personification of Dora, mixed with Dolores Dei, if he takes a nap at the Sea Fortress, inside the flak tower. The dream only occurs if the church is entered and the stained-glass window of Dolores Dei is seen; otherwise, an alternative skills-based scene plays.
    • In this dream, Dora can say she is 32 years old.[19] However, this is likely the age of when she left Harry, and not her age as of '51, which would be 38. [20]
  • Exhausting the dialogue options for dialing random numbers at the payphone by the boardwalk and passing an interfacing check will result in Harry making a long distance call to Dora.
    • Her long distance number is 001414447111736145167451451.
  • One of Dora's letters can be found within the Damaged Ledger, written when she was in her twenties.[21]
    • Transcript: "Harry, I wanted to write you a letter, so you can read it when you wake up. Maybe it will make you happy. Every morning when I step out and you're asleep behind me, I find a little piece of sadness in me. I carry it in my chest down Voyager Road... Every step I take, it grows. By the time I reach the fuel station it has filled me entirely. I step on the light rail and look back, sparks fall from the bow collector. I know it will be like this until late afternoon, when I get off the 42 -- and walk back to you... You, you... Every step I take will get lighter. It almost makes me run! Sometimes I do. I can't believe I met you. I can't believe the happiness I feel with you. You have a vast, vast soul and I will always, always, always come back to it. Kisses, kisses, kisses."

References[ | ]

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    (Option 1) DOLORES DEI - "Other people get sad too, but not like you, you stay down for too long. You only communicated with *encyclopaedic trivia*... I was so alone."
    (Option 2) DOLORES DEI - "Other people get sad too, but not like you, you stay down for too long. Until you start giving your thoughts *names* and talking to things..."
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