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Drugs. Pyrholidon, The Lightning, Al Gul and the sumptuous Tabac herb. The great gifts of nature to humanity and their greatest boon. The cop is a connoisseur of these substances and you can continue this dependence for various boons and benefits, or try to go straight and suffer knowing that in the long run, your body will thank you.


  1. Drugs are bad for your health. The flat bonuses are offset by damage to your Health and Morale. Yes, you can go stir crazy or suffer a heart attack that way. No, it's not good. Yes, you can heal up with the usual Morale and Health restoration.
  2. Drugs are good for pushing restrictions. They will temporarily raise your base stats, which also raises learning caps. Any points invested beyond "normal" learning caps will remain after the drug wears off (this was originally a bug).
  3. Drugs are the same. The base chemicals you put into you are the same regardless of brand. They're, as developers put it, just random fetishism. Speed is speed, nicotine is nicotine, alcohol doesn’t kill you any less if it’s expensive (note, while methanol is alcohol too, it does actually kill you).
  4. Drugs are not infinite. All drugs have a base charge of 3 and can be raised with Electro-Chemistry. You get one extra charge at skill levels 4 and 7.
  5. Drugs do not last. Each charge lasts 1 hour of game time and you may have to top-up in the midst of big scenes. You will automatically top up as long as the drug is in the active hand. Goracy's Brew is a notable exception.
  6. Drugs can be found. Legal ones - cigs and booze - are visible normally and can be purchased at the Frittte kiosk. Illegal ones, like speed or pyrholidon, will only appear during your explorations if you already tasted them. Mmm, drugs.


There's one drug for each stat in the game.

Type Brands Bonus Thoughts Damage Locations Notes

centeR Nicotine



+1 Intellect Boiadeiro (doubles effect) -1 Health (-1 Endurance) Frittte kiosk


Tioumoutiri smokes are tied to the main investigation

centeR Pyrholidon

Military-Grade +1 Psyche Cop of the Apocalypse (doubles effect) -1 Health (-1 Endurance) Bird's Nest Roy

Cindy’s room (only after taking it)

Anti-radiation drug.

centeR Alcohol

Pale Aged Vodka

Potent Pilsner

Commodore Red

Goracy's Brew

+1 Physique Revacholian Nationhood (doubles effect)

Waste Land of Reality (nullifies effect)

-1 Morale (-1 Volition) Frittte kiosk


Goracy's Brew permanently raises the base score for Physique with each dose.

centeR Amphetamine

Saint-Batiste 'PREPTIDE!'

Speed Bottle

+1 Motorics Lonesome Long Way Home (+1 Psyche) -1 Morale (-1 Volition) Klaasje's medical cabinet

Cuno's Dad's apartment

Boxes in front of bench near Rosemary (after taking it)