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Drugs are consumable items in Disco Elysium.

Mechanics[ | ]

  • Each of the four drugs will temporarily raise one attribute's base stats, and by extension, the learning caps for each skill under the affected attribute. Any skill points invested during this time will remain, even after the drug wears off.
    • This, along with a select number of thoughts, is the only way to level a skill that has been maxed out, and can be used to retry any White Checks that were previously failed.
  • The effects of any drugs taken last 1 in-game hour. If Harry has a drug equipped in his hand, he will automatically use another charge once it wears off.
  • Each drug will inflict one point of damage upon Harry's Health or Morale.
  • Though cigarettes, speed, and alcohol have multiple variants, there is no mechanical difference between them. Speed that is confiscated from Cuno's father will have the exact same effect as the Preptide taken from Klaasje's medicine cabinet.
  • Obtained substances will have a base charge of 3, which can be raised alongside the Electrochemistry skill. One extra use is added to the total at skill levels 4, 7, 10 and so on.
  • Legal drugs, such as cigarettes and alcohol, may be purchased from the Frittte kiosk. Illegal drugs, such as speed and pyrholidon, are instead found while exploring around Martinaise, and depending on whether they have been consumed previously, will appear in more locations.

Nicotine[ | ]

Nicotine Brands Bonus Thoughts Damage Locations
DE Drug Nicotine
+1 Intellect Boiadeiro (doubles effect) -1 Health Frittte kiosk

Pyrholidon[ | ]

Pyrholidon Brands Bonus Thoughts Damage Locations
DE Drug Pyrholidion
Pyrholidon +1 Psyche Cop of the Apocalypse (doubles effect) -1 Health Bird's Nest Roy
Cindy’s room (only after taking it)

Alcohol[ | ]

Alcohol Brands Bonus Thoughts Damage Locations
DE Drug Alcohol
Pale Aged Vodka
Potent Pilsner
Commodore Red
Goracy's Brew
+1 Physique Revacholian Nationhood (doubles effect)
Waste Land of Reality (nullifies effect)
-1 Morale Frittte kiosk
Communal bathroom in the Capeside apartments

Goracy's Brew once permanently raised the base score for Physique, but was patched to raise it temporarily like other alcohol instead.

Amphetamine[ | ]

Amphetamine Brands Bonus Thoughts Damage Locations
DE Drug Speed
Saint-Batiste 'PREPTIDE!'
Speed Bottle
+1 Motorics Lonesome Long Way Home (+1 Psyche) -1 Morale Klaasje's medicine cabinet
Cuno's Father's apartment
Boxes in front of bench near Rosemary (after taking it)