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Germaine van der Wijk[1], more commonly referred to as Egg Head is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

His nickname, Egg Head, comes from his love of Arno van Eyck—an "Eyck-head."[2] He is part of Andre's posse, the group of anodic dance music speedfreaks in the church. The other posse members are uncertain of his backstory; he met them in Coal City after a party and followed them back to Faubourg.[3] He affects a Gottwaldian or Oranjese accent while shouting, possibly as an homage to his hero.[4]

Egg Head considers anodic dance music to be about love, the most important thing in his philosophy.[5] He seems to have some affection for the Innocentic system, believing that The Perikarnassian's church is also about love.[5] He also wears a belt buckle with lung-shaped trees on them,[6] a symbol of Dolores Dei and, to Egg Head, of her love for the world and its love for her.[7] However, according to Noid, he is not a moralist (or a follower of any of the other three ideologies), though you can talk him into becoming one, as well as a communist.

Egg Head is a skilled remixer.[8] His role in the anodic dance club is what Acele calls the "party boy"[9] and Andre calls the "master of ceremonies"[10]—the person who sets the mood and gets the crowd going.

Despite his involvement in the party scene, Egg Head shows some aversion to drugs and is keen on starting the anodic dance club without a speed lab, describing doing it this way as "pure and true" and refusing to let you or Andre change your mind once they've agreed to start it without drugs.[11][12]

Interactions[ | ]

  • At first, talking to Egg Head will be an unproductive loop of HARD-CORE. Solve the Egg Head puzzle by choosing the first dialogue option.
  • Egg Head is worried that anodic dance music isn't actually as hard-core as it could be. You can accept the task to Make van Eyck's jam harder core and help him out.
  • Egg Head's equipment is part of helping Soona with her research project. Be sure to solve his puzzle so you can ask him to plug her radiocomputer into his mixing deck.

Behind the Scenes[ | ]

  • Helen Hindpere mentioned Scooter as an influence in a 2021 interview.[19] “Disco Elysium has as much in common with the Eurodance band Scooter and the 2006 comedy “Dude, Where’s My Car?” as it has with… what have we been accused of lately? Hauntology? Existentialism?,” Hindpere says. “We’re about that, but we’re also about Scooter. Faster, Harder, Scooter!"

References[ | ]

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