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Portrait electrochemistry.png

Electro-Chemistry is a Physique skill in Disco Elysium. Go to party planet. Love and be loved by drugs.

Cool for: High-Fliers, Party Enthusiasts, Cops who need Lightning

Electro-Chemistry is the animal within you, the beast longing to be unleashed to indulge and enjoy. It enables you to take drugs with fewer negative side-effects. It also enables you to better investigate lurid matters – if you need to understand a chemical breakdown, or talk to someone blasted out of their mind, or understand sexual dynamics, Electro-Chemistry is there to guide you.

At high levels, Electro-Chemistry makes you a man of unrestrained pleasure – an unrepentant Lothario who leers at people with a bottle of speed and a plastic bendy straw in either hand. But with a low Electro-Chemistry, you’ll be too innocent to be effective. Without a working knowledge of drugs and sex, the city will be difficult to understand.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Clothing bonuses[edit | edit source]

Thought bonuses[edit | edit source]