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ELIZABETH – "Listen, you Moralintern lackeys. You're a mob, enforcing the unlawful privatization of Revachol. Twenty fat men in the Occident are stealing it all -- and you're their body guards."

Elizabeth Beaufort is a character in Disco Elysium.

Background[ | ]

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Beaufort is the "Union fixer", and a law school graduate. She's in charge of the legal affairs of the Union and cooperates closely with the Hardie boys to keep the peace in Martinaise. She is present at any and all of their interactions with the RCM to provide legal counsel and is a close associate of Evrart Claire.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Elizabeth initially appears just outside the Whirling-in-Rags. She will introduce herself as a gardener.
    • You can obtain ammonia from her when required to examine the hanged man's body, which will make the Endurance check easier. You can also ask for her latex gardening gloves that will help with the subsequent field autopsy.
    • After talking to her about gardening in March, you can attempt a red Visual Calculus check (Medium 11) to realize that she happens to be sitting in the perfect spot to keep tabs on people. This completes the task.
  • Easy Leo finds Elizabeth pretty. One of the Hardie boys claim that she would make a good model.
  • Elizabeth later appears as the legal counsel of the Hardie boys when it's time to confront them over the murder, interjecting when your line of questioning becomes too accusatory.
  • It is possible for Elizabeth to be shot at the Mercenary Tribunal if Harry tries to explain that the Hardie Boys did not kill Ellis Kortenaer and fails the subsequent red Logic check.

Gallery[ | ]